ELITE 2021 Mentor Lauren Westberg of PRECISIONeffect

Lauren Westberg

EVP, Managing Director


Building a Strong Team

Lauren Westberg is proud of how much people love working at PRECISIONeffect. She has made it her goal to ensure the company hires the right people and then lets them excel. She knows that building relationships with the staff is what keeps people happy, keeps pushing them to grow—and to grow in their company.

“Lauren’s leadership has been instrumental in our organization consistently hitting double digit growth year after year,” notes Carolyn Morgan, PRECISIONeffect’s President. “2020 has been one of our strongest years. Her ability to work closely with and motivate teams during the toughest of times is undeniably one of the reasons why. Lauren leans in, listens to clients’ and teams’ needs, and pushes the agency to be better and stronger. Lauren is the type of leader and mentor that makes everyone want to bring their best self to the table. The results speak for themselves, but it’s the intangibles that make her shine.”

Lauren’s compassionate leadership style fosters respect and trust among staff members. She strives to help people realize their full potential by giving them the space they need. Her steady presence and ability to listen breeds collaboration, belief, and resilience in even the most difficult of times, as seen during the pandemic. Her coworkers, many of them moms also balancing their work from home, have called her a role model.

Her inspiration reaches beyond the workplace, into the home and beyond. Lauren has worked closely with PRECISIONeffect’s recruiting team to increase diversity at the agency. She is a member of The Glass Slipper Guild whose mission is to acquaint the community with the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and support the hospital’s greatest needs. She also supports two other charities which advocate for and help children suffering from hunger, abandonment, and abuse. Prior to beginning her career, she was captain of the UCLA Volleyball team and a UCLA Athletic Department Mentor.

Lauren’s passion for her work at PRECISIONeffect is clear: “There is great satisfaction in the energy of sharing ideas and seeing them develop and grow into action. I want everyone here to experience that same energy and satisfaction daily.”


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