ELITE 2021 Mentor Dora P. Shankman of DPS Strategic Media Enterprises, LLC

Dora P. Shankman

President and CEO

DPS Strategic Media Enterprises, LLC

A Symbol of Hope

“Dora Shankman has been a true mentor to me for over a decade,” says Katelyn Lovenberg, Media Manager, DPS Strategic Media Enterprises. “She has instilled lessons in me that I carry in both my professional and personal life. Regardless of someone’s title or position, we all deserve to be treated well and should not tolerate anything less. Work hard, be accommodating, but speak up for what you feel is best for your business, product, and client. And nothing is more important than balance between work and family, life is too short.”

That last lesson is one Dora was reminded of the hard way. In a near fatal car accident with her husband, both were told they would never walk again—but with determination and tenacity they proved those doctors wrong. Dora has drawn from that experience to serve not only as a mentor, but as an inspiration. In the past, she volunteered at the Kessler Institute where people have lost all hope following orthopedic injuries, but Dora explains how she is an example of how with physical therapy they can get through anything. She also used to volunteer for the Shield Institute to help disabled children and adults as well as with The Jed Foundation to help give hope to young students who suffer emotionally and may be suicidal.

She has done all of this while also maintaining a thriving career in pharma marketing for 39 years spanning companies such as Rolf Werner Rosenthal, Bristol Myers, Wyeth, and Pharmacia. In 2003, she started her own company, Shankman Marketing and Media Resources, LLC to provide quality media planning services for every size budget. But this year, she decided to start a new venture. DPS Strategic Media Enterprises, LLC offers consulting in healthcare and consumer marketing, strategy, negotiations, and digital and works side by side with the entire marketing team—client and agency—to proactively recommend the right platform to optimize campaign success.

Dora also runs an informal empowerment business in which she helps people find their strength through motivational thoughts, words, and actions. She doesn’t do it for the money. She just likes giving people hope.


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