ELITE 2021 Entrepreneurs James Tinker, John Tenaglia, and Michael Banner of Moon Rabbit

James Tinker

Managing Partner, Global Accounts

Moon Rabbit

John Tenaglia

Managing Partner, U.S. Accounts

Moon Rabbit

Michael Banner

Managing Partner, Strategy

Moon Rabbit

Mission to Disrupt

John Tenaglia, Michael Banner, and James Tinker sought to dismantle and rebuild the ad agency model. Their shared agency, Moon Rabbit, believes there’s a better way. With a mission to transcend the current state of advertising, Moon Rabbit seeks to create content consumers won’t block, skip, or mute.

The work they do is brave, sometimes irreverent, and as far from “the algorithm” as possible. To that end, they’ve assembled individualistic, fiercely creative team members who together, make work that feeds imaginations and generates real conversations.

All three executives left established agencies to launch their own shops prior to joining forces at Moon Rabbit. Since launching in 2019, Moon Rabbit’s rise has been nothing short of astronomical. In addition to growing its team to include a range of heavy hitters from Droga5, BBH, TBWA, Publicis, and Razorfish, the agency acquired an award-winning independent video and 3D graphics design studio.

In 2020, the team achieved 31% organic growth with existing clients Roche, Allergan, Janssen, and Juno Therapeutics while simultaneously adding Amgen, Aristocrat, and Tarsus. To see such immediate expansion—particularly during a global pandemic—is impressive and speaks to unmet needs across healthcare marketing.

According to John, “We’ve believed from the start that the best kind of creative work speaks to people’s core beliefs, fears, prejudices, aspirations, and desires—and allows people to see the world from a new angle. In order to make that work, we give our people permission to be themselves. We’ve built the agency around these thinkers, and have created an environment where they can thrive, and we’re collaborating with clients who genuinely want to push their brands into new territories.”

Stellar content can—and should—change the conversation with honesty, humor, and a brave new look at customer and patient engagement. While their new approach may seem like sheer lunacy to some agencies, it’s happening at Moon Rabbit—and the world is taking notice.


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