ELITE 2021 Entrepreneur Noam Solomon of Immunai

Noam Solomon

CEO and Co-Founder


Mapping and Reprogramming the Immune System

Noam Solomon is no stranger to innovative thinking. The double PhD and former-MIT postdoctoral researcher launched Immunai from stealth in May 2020. In two years, his company has raised $80M and amassed the world’s largest database for immunological data.

Companies have been trying to understand the immune system for years, but have been limited by traditional bulk sequencing technologies that don’t provide nearly enough data or the granularity needed to show how immune cells work and respond to disease or therapy. Led by Noam’s combined research and business acumen, Immunai has been able to build an end-to-end platform that combines the latest advances in single-cell genomics, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence to measure the immune system in high-resolution and at an unprecedented scale.

Now, the technology pairs precise immune measurements from thousands of patients in multi-arm clinical trials with the relevant clinical context to generate insights about how drugs work, why certain drugs don’t work, and what patients are most likely to benefit. This will enable the possibility for more effective therapies and combinations for each patient, accelerating the ability to bring these therapies to market, and ultimately, providing better options for cancer patients at a faster pace than ever before.

Noam has also used his years spent in research to craft collaborations with leading academic science programs. This includes Immunai’s collaboration with Tel Aviv University, through which researchers developed a COVID-19 cocktail by leveraging Immunai’s technology and gathering key insights on how different cells would react in different COVID-19 patients.

Immunai also demonstrated the value of its platform in an immunotherapy setting, having characterized a CAR-Natural Killer T (NKT) infusion cell therapy product developed at the Baylor College of Medicine for use in neuroblastoma patients. In a paper published in Nature Medicine, Baylor researchers and Immunai demonstrated the heterogeneity of CAR-NKT cells in their first-in-human trial.

Those are just two examples of the massive strides Immunai had made since its launch. Thanks to Noam’s leadership, the company has already secured partnerships with several Fortune 100 pharma companies as well as academic institutions including Stanford, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Massachusetts General Hospital, and UPenn.


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