ELITE 2021 Entrepreneur Chris Paquette of DeepIntent

Chris Paquette

Co-Founder and CEO


The First Healthcare-Specific Programmatic Platform

Chris Paquette’s entire career has revolved around the confluence of healthcare, advertising, and technology. After graduating with a degree in bioengineering, Chris developed algorithmic bidding methods for an advertising technology company before moving on to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. There, he worked as a data scientist, developing systems that leveraged machine learning and AI to improve patient experiences and outcomes.

That experience helped him recognize the value programmatic advertising could unlock for marketers when applied to healthcare and advertising in a privacy-safe way. He also knew the important role timely information plays in healthcare, reflecting upon his childhood when his father was misdiagnosed with cancer. He set out to build technology incorporating healthcare datasets to enable privacy-safe advertising that would drive better, measurable patient outcomes.

In 2016, Chris co-founded DeepIntent to offer the first and only DSP that uniquely combines real-world health data, premium media partnerships, and custom integrations to reach patients and providers across every device in a privacy-safe way. Healthcare marketers can plan, activate, measure, and optimize campaigns, all within a single platform.

In less than five years, Chris has built DeepIntent from a scrappy two-person startup into an industry-leading DSP that employs more than 110 people and has tripled in revenue four years in a row. Today, the company serves seven of the top 10 life sciences companies advertising in the U.S. Additionally, DeepIntent has expanded its product portfolio to include the industry’s first unified, collaborative marketplace for healthcare advertisers and publishers; a Connected TV healthcare marketplace; and a lookalike modeling solution to target patients with relevant ads. These innovations helped DeepIntent clients to increase audience quality by 25% and grow average scripts by up to 35%, as proven in beta. But this technology will also play an important role in the months ahead.

“As the healthcare sector continues to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine across the country,” Chris says, “they’ll need a platform like DeepIntent’s that allows them to have a data-driven capability to connect with patients and providers in an empathetic and informative way.”


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