ELITE 2021 Disrupter Andi Weiss of MicroMass

Andi Weiss

Director, Behavioral Services

MicroMass, An Ashfield Health Company

Making Behavioral Science Approachable

In a world where patients are under stress, scared, and depersonalized, Andi Weiss’ work as a behavior change expert contributes to campaigns that go beyond treating the patient. Andi creates solutions that treat the person. This starts with a deep understanding of the individual. She uncovers their needs, challenges, and strengths. She translates these insights effortlessly into work that deeply resonates—for a patient, provider, or caregiver. So Andi disrupts not only the team’s thinking, but the client’s as well—by considering all elements of a patient’s experience before recommending the best behavioral approach for a project. Andi listens, incorporates feedback, and makes behavioral science approachable.

Rob Peters, EVP Strategy at MicroMass, explains, “Having Andi involved in any project or client account is almost certainly going to result in a better outcome. Andi has a unique ability and skill set that goes beyond her training in public health. She brings a level of understanding and empathy about the patient to our clients. Just hearing Andi talk about the patient audiences makes it clear that she understands them at a much deeper level.”

To her MicroMass family, Andi is much more than an expert in her field. She is admired and adored for her ability to bring her team up and help them excel. Her level of understanding brings depth to the company’s work, resulting in innovative and award-winning programs that are authentic and engaging—while capturing the true patient voice. She’s always striving to look for new ways to help the team most greatly impact a patient’s life, and this usually means a new and unique idea and approach to the project.

Johnny Knight, Senior Behavioral Copywriter, says, “I’ve worked on several projects with her when we were stuck, not quite sure which way to go with an idea. In each case, Andi stepped in, and with a few questions she was able to pinpoint exactly what needed to change. Each time she was able to suggest an improvement in short order, always well-grounded in scientific research. Having Andi’s guidance on any project means we have access to efficient, razor sharp, customized inspiration.”


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