ELITE 2021 Digital Crusaders Nick Bartolomeo and Bryan O’Malley of Fingerpaint

Nick Bartolomeo

Head of Media and Performance Marketing


Bryan O’Malley

Head of Technology


The Digital Dynamic Duo

Bryan O’Malley and Nick Bartolomeo were both digital gurus individually, but with their powers now combined, they have become a collective force of nature. They’ve focused their decades of experience and unmatched expertise to formulate a new approach to driving brand performance, and the results have truly shifted the expectations of excellence in the digital space.

Bryan has been managing highly effective digital teams at industry-leading technology businesses such as IBM and GE Capital for more than 30 years. This impressive breadth of experience also includes 16 years at the helm of his own award-winning independent development agency, Axeva. Meanwhile, Nick has spent more than 20 years propelling digital and media initiatives across industry brands such as Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb, Comcast, Sprint, and Subaru. Together, they now serve as co-leads of Fingerpaint’s Shift Performance Center of Excellence at the heart of which is a unique customer experience program, and a proprietary data-driven, omnichannel platform called Shift Performance.

Bryan and Nick have spent the past five years building an industry-leading team of more than 70 digital and media experts in the areas of digital strategy, media strategy, marketing automation, digital production, data science, and development to maximize the creative digital solutions Fingerpaint delivers to its clients across the organization. In the past year, Shift Performance has grown from 13 to more than 30 campaigns in market as the Center of Excellence continues to demonstrate innovation and value while driving measurable brand impact for their clients. As part of heading up the Center of Excellence, they also lead the crowdsourcing of digital knowledge, technology trends, and Shift Performance best practices to further drive standards, efficiencies, and advancements for all Fingerpaint clients.

The work of the Shift COE has been instrumental to many of Fingerpaint’s recent accolades, including a Silver Clio (digital/mobile websites), a Bronze at the Lisbon Health Festival (Awareness, Fundraising, and Digital Advocacy), and nine awards of excellence at the Rx Club Awards for digital work across platforms. This dynamic duo has been a catalyst for Fingerpaint’s ongoing growth and success.


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