ELITE 2021 Data Miner Brigham Hyde of EVERSANA

Brigham Hyde

President, Data & Analytics


Powering Patient Outcomes with Data

A data visionary, Brigham Hyde, PhD, uses his extensive background in data science and AI to enhance best-in-class data software technologies that are creating a tangible impact for pharma companies and a better experience for patients.

Brigham joined EVERSANA in April 2020 as President of Data & Analytics. He quickly led the company’s expansion into advanced data and analytics services and further strengthened EVERSANA’s comprehensive suite of commercial services to help clients solve their most complex problems. He built a powerhouse team from the ground up, adding more than 60 employees located across the globe to the organization in less than a year.

Months into the role, Brigham expanded his growing team by adding the world-class predictive analytics platform HVH Precision Analytics to EVERSANA. Brigham and his team were able to transform HVH’s existing platform and expand it exponentially with the launch of ACTICS by EVERSANA, the premier tech-enabled solution built to deliver end-to-end commercial success for life sciences companies. And he did not stop there.

Brigham pushed innovation forward by partnering with multiple organizations to increase and diversify ACTICS data sources, making this tool a game-changer in actionable analytics and RWE across the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to his leadership, ACTICS is leading the way in providing unmatched value for clients by powering product and program needs, driving impact, improving commercialization efficiency, and lowering costs.

Most recently, Brigham led the launch of EVERSANA’s newest Chronic Disease Real-World Data (RWD) solution, which includes more than 80 million de-identified chronic disease patient records into the platform. Through this solution, clients can now generate regulatory-grade evidence in chronic disease, which has the potential to speed cures to patients, enhance evidence for treatment, and give a stronger voice to patient experience.

Brigham and his team also developed predictive analytics that allow clients to understand the patient journey and unmet needs with “next best action” insights across disease areas. And there’s more to come. Brigham continues to evolve industry data and analytics by integrating ACTICS across commercialization services to transform care models and improve overall patient outcomes.


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