ELITE 2021 COVID Hero Sheri Rosenblatt of fit2market

Sheri Rosenblatt



Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse

#injectinghope. That’s what Sheri Rosenblatt posts each day she vaccinates. It was what called her back to volunteer after leaving the cardiac care unit (CCU) to become a research nurse, then product manager at Sanofi, executive at ad agencies Grey Healthcare and FCB Health, and finally the founder of her own boutique healthcare marketing agency, fit2market, in 2013. Sheri always felt a desire to return to patient care in some capacity—she just never thought it would be because of a pandemic. But the world needed nurses, and Sheri needed to inject hope into the world.

She signed up with ServNY to be a volunteer vaccinator where needed. She was also one of eight healthcare volunteers at the first pop-up vaccination site in East Hampton, NY, where Sheri spends most of her time. At the end of the first day, 337 of the town’s essential workers had received the vaccine. Since then, Sheri has contributed to several thousand vaccinations in her community.

When giving shots, Sheri finds herself combining her talents as a nurse with those of a healthcare communicator.

“When people sit down in the chair, some are overwhelmed with excitement, others need reassurance about vaccine safety,” Sheri explains. “It’s an opportunity to educate the public and thank people for doing their part to control the spread of this virus. The gratitude, tears of relief, and appreciation is so inspiring.”

Meanwhile, in her day job she led fit2market to one of its most successful years. The company has always operated virtually, so it was perfectly set up to help its clients transition during the pandemic. Fit2market offers strategic and tactical services, and during the past year, many clients prioritized research and virtual advisory boards to learn how HCPs and patients were adjusting to medical care during the pandemic.

Sheri also works with non-profit organizations such as Patient Care Heroes, which offers mental health services to HCPs, and The Breathing Project, which honors their stories through art. And she fully intends to continue administering the vaccine. Her goal is to personally vaccinate 5,000 people and educate thousands more. Hope is contagious, so no doubt her impact will be felt far beyond that.


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