ELITE 2020 Transformational Leader Peter Bowman of Takeda

Peter Bowman

Associate Director of Neurodevelopment Marketing


Changing the Reality of HCP Marketing

Peter Bowman has held numerous positions in sales and marketing including the HCP/Consumer Lead for one of the largest brands in the nation. He has won numerous awards, most notable eight Impact Awards for leadership, two PM360 Trailblazer Initiative Awards, among many other internal awards. So, it should come as little surprise that he is now transforming Takeda’s approach to HCP marketing.

In 2017, Takeda launched a pilot in which the first VR campaign was deployed to the field on approximately 30 Oculus Go headsets to elevate a day in the life of a struggling ADHD patient. Seeing the success and interest in the pilot program among reps and HCPs, Peter quickly aligned the organization to think more globally and into the future for the franchise, with the goal of adding even more content and leveraging the best that VR has to offer. Not only has Peter championed the brand objectives, but he has been an influential leader across Takeda-Shire by engaging all critical counterparts to embrace the changes and challenges that VR can initially bring to well-established teams such as IT, mobility, and help desks.

In 2019, 265 Oculus Go headsets were deployed with proven success among reps. As a result, the field reps have been able to tailor their visits, bringing meaningful content selected specifically for each HCP based on the unique demographics in their practices. Because of that success, this year, 265 Oculus Quest devices will replace those Oculus Go headsets when deployed to field reps in multiple cities to enhance the experience, not only for the HCPs, but the back-end IT operational framework as well.

The project is even making waves outside of the industry as it has been recognized by Facebook/Oculus as being an innovative example of the use of Oculus Quest and among the only of its kind in the pharma industry. And this year, Peter and his team plan to launch two new VR experiences that will provide immersive experiences as seen through the eyes of both an HCP and adult patient with ADHD (“Vicky’s Day”) and a pediatric experience (“Ben’s Room”).


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