ELITE 2020 Transformational Leader Mike Collette of PatientPoint

Mike Collette

Founder and CEO


Transforming Point of Care

Mike Collette’s signature on every internal communication is “Onwards!!” In part because he is always looking for the next opportunity with high energy and contagious positivity. It is that attitude that has helped him transform PatientPoint as well as the entire point of care industry for more than 30 years. But that may be most evident over the past four years when he transformed PatientPoint from a primarily print-based, point-of-care media company to a technology-enabled patient engagement company.

In 2016, half of PatientPoint revenue was still tied to print products. Digital product innovation and network growth had stalled and the company’s interactive digital exam room product—expected to be one of the company’s biggest growth drivers—was struggling in the market. Despite these strong headwinds, Mike transformed the company’s financial, technology, and human capital, all with a keen understanding of market needs.

In June 2017, Mike secured $140 million in capital from private investment firms Searchlight Capital Partners and Silver Point Capital. The raise enabled PatientPoint to invest in enhancing its core products, upgrade its network to a new digital signage platform, recruit talent, and significantly grow its digital footprint to deliver market-leading reach in vital specialties for sponsors and healthcare providers.

With the right capital, technology, and people assembled, Mike has led PatientPoint to unprecedented top-line and bottom-line growth and a complete digital transformation. Nearly 80% of company revenue is now derived from digital solutions—compared with just 48% in 2016.

And the company is not done innovating. From mobile patient engagement to integrating products into clinical workflows and more, Mike and the company are in the midst of implementing a new product roadmap and partnering with other organizations whose missions align with the strategic, long-term PatientPoint growth plan. The company has launched four new products in the last 12 months alone and has several more in the wings.

Mike has an aggressive five-year plan, which revolves around product innovation, customer intimacy, and continuing to recruit, nurture, and maintain a team that is passionately committed to the company’s mantra of making every doctor-patient engagement better.


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