ELITE 2020 Transformational Leader Greg Lewis of Calcium

Greg Lewis

Managing Partner/President


Making Each Day Count

When Greg Lewis joined the Calcium family as Managing Partner and President, he not only brought 21 years of healthcare marketing and leadership experience, but also a new mantra: “Make Today Count.” Since day one, he has captured the essence of the agency’s existing work ethic and company culture in these three words. Make today count, also known as MTC among Calciumites, is the foundation upon which Greg continues to cultivate Calcium’s vision as a leading independent agency.

The addition of Greg to Calcium’s leadership team has made a significant impact on the business as a whole because of his in-depth understanding of high science, extensive leadership experience, and an overall hands-on approach. Through his prior roles as President at Havas Health & You and as Managing Partner for Grey Health Group, Greg has extensive experience in recruitment and client management. And with a range of experience from biologics to toothpaste, and from large DTC-launched brands to specialty products, he has a keen understanding of the fundamentals needed to drive brand             growth in today’s marketplace.

He has acted as an integrated world-wide team lead on large global brands for J&J, Pfizer, and Bayer, yet understands the nuances of becoming a trusted partner at more agile and entrepreneurial client organizations. In addition, Greg has led multiple cross-functional marketing launches and campaigns including all on- and off-line professional promotion, medical education, pharmacy outreach, PR, and DTC efforts. He likes to connect the dots and has served in lead integration roles as a Brand Chemist for J&J’s anti-TNF Golimumab, a U.S. Team Leader for Boehringer Ingelheim, and as a Global Brand Leader overseeing Pfizer’s Hematology portfolio.

Just a call, text, or email away, Greg’s door is always open to everyone at every level of the agency. Through regular town hall meetings, company-wide surveys, and team building exercises, Greg has a pulse on not only the day-to-day business of the company, but the life of the company and what makes Calcium truly unique—its people.


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