ELITE 2020 Talent Acquisition Leader Kristi Veitch of Intouch Group

Kristi Veitch

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Intouch Group

Champion of the Workplace

Kristi Veitch has played a vital role at Intouch over the past five years—her leadership and focus on people and culture remains a key factor in the growth of the agency. As a result of her dedication, Intouch expanded from 630 employees in 2015 to nearly 1,000 employees across seven locations in 2020. During this time of rapid growth, Kristi has creatively managed all aspects of human resources and organizational development, shaping the company’s future and supporting its people along the way. Kristi has championed multiple initiatives that demonstrate her instrumental leadership and have influenced Intouch’s best practices for hiring top talent.

In 2019, Kristi led the elevation of inclusion and diversity with a team dedicated to bringing diverse voices and perspectives to the organization. She helped guide several internal initiatives that are all rooted in providing an inclusive atmosphere. These include panel discussions, multicultural celebrations, and educational activities such as launching company-wide, mandatory training on recognizing and responding to workplace harassment. As a result, Intouch is now more diverse than ever.

Kristi also initiated a partnership with the BrandLab—a Minneapolis-based organization that seeks to bring diverse voices into the marketing industry—to give students the opportunity to visit Intouch for their first taste of advertising and marketing. This year, Intouch hosted 16 students, immersing them in a job setting to develop and present mock pitches.

Throughout Intouch’s rapid expansion, it has become increasingly important for current employees to thrive in their roles. Kristi deployed a comprehensive, agency-wide survey to assess employee engagement, identify opportunities to improve, and begin to take action as a company to give employees what they need to succeed in their roles. Now, Kristi and her executive colleagues are delving into the employee experience, from talent acquisition processes through team immersion to continue to uncover and improve engagement.


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