ELITE 2020 Strategist Tim McGovern of Bristol Myers Squibb

Tim McGovern

Senior Product Manager for CV Segment Marketing, U.S. Value Access & Payment

Bristol Myers Squibb

A Unique Insight into Payers

By the time you’ve developed a carefully crafted marketing strategy for your payer and health system customers, they’ve already changed. That’s why Tim McGovern is not the kind of master strategist who devises bold insights following hours at the drawing board. He’s the kind of master strategist who devises bold insights while running to his next collaboration—and then continues to improve them when he gets there.

It’s a hands-on approach that’s necessary if you want to stay relevant in the dynamic environment of payer and integrated delivery networks. These customers are continuously evolving their approach to care delivery and reimbursement with the goal of improving outcomes and value. Tim knows that a well-attuned ear for change is a good start. But, if you really want the strategic insights that matter, you also need to connect with the people who know these payers the best—the customers and field teams who interact with them every day.

Through dynamic workshops, continuous correspondences, and market research with key opinion leaders, Tim has gained the kind of detailed perspective that you can’t get anywhere else. A focus on the development of prioritized channels, market segments, and stakeholders led Tim to identify post-acute care as an overlooked stakeholder in atrial fibrillation management. This inspired him to champion an initiative that fine-tuned previously commercialized data to advance the Eliquis value story for these customers.

And, as a result of health system customer stakeholder feedback, Tim has also become a champion for unbranded disease state engagements. These included an unbranded value proposition focused on population health and an updated EHR toolkit focused on quality improvement in atrial fibrillation that was compelling for health system stakeholder engagements.

Tim is an early adopter of innovative digital solutions, and he appreciates the value of big-picture data. But in an age where technology and data are ubiquitous, Tim makes asking the right questions to the right customers and account managers look next generation.


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