ELITE 2020 Strategist Mamta Chhabra of UCB

Mamta Chhabra

Patient Experience Marketing Lead – Immunology Marketing


A Media Mastermind

Mamta Chhabra lives and breathes cutting-edge digital, social, and media strategies. In her previous role at Novartis, she woke the industry to the potential of social media with a first-of-its-kind social campaign for the Gilenya launch. In fact, the Gilenya HEY MS, Take This! campaign even won recognition from various expert groups.

And when Mamta took her strategic mind to UCB, she created an immediate impact with a psoriasis campaign that delivered significant awareness and Rx lift in a fiercely competitive marketplace. But, let’s focus on one of Mamta’s most recent successes, the launch of Cimzia’s multichannel “Plan for Fun, not Flares” campaign with an extremely modest budget relative to competitors in the immunology space. When the launch of a competitive campaign forced the team to evolve the concept midstream, Mamta provided consistent and clear vision to deliver an impactful creative campaign. She led the charge in campaign activation to outsmart—not outspend—within the crowded and highly competitive immunology space using a media strategy that reaches patients in critical decision-making moments. Within the first three months, over 335,000 patients diagnosed with psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, or non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis were exposed to campaign messaging.

And Mamta continues to advance patient marketing capabilities and prepare the organization for new product launches within a portfolio strategy. Core to her approach, Mamta stretches herself and her team beyond their comfort zone in order to advance patient-first strategies and tactics. All the while, she cares for her team greatly and constantly motivates them to challenge the status quo.

Mamta is also preparing to take on a new challenge in addition to her work at UCB. She is a newly appointed executive board member for the Atlanta chapter of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, serving as Director-at-Large, Marketing and Communications.


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