ELITE 2020 Strategist Bryan Katz of KCR

Bryan Katz

Chief Commercial Officer


Embracing White Space for Competitive Advantage

As in most industries, pharma and life sciences service companies need to juggle a number of priorities: Differentiating in a highly regulated competitive field, maintaining relevance in their market of choice, and delivering customer-focused solutions all the while keeping an eye on profitability. The challenge is when convention, size, and internal process get a company caught up innovating the candle when a competitor just came out with the light bulb. This is where Bryan Katz steps in—helping companies overcome inertia and bridge to the future. By exploring white space (unmet and unarticulated needs) and bringing new possibilities into focus, Bryan introduces new ways of working and translates them into real, tangible economic benefit.

Bryan first cut his teeth at Abbott Laboratories where he was introduced to commercial and operations strategy and continued to build on that experience with moves into consulting and now the clinical research organization (CRO) industry—introducing new ideas and affecting change at every opportunity. Over the course of his career, he has focused primarily on building and implementing strategies that have driven a competitive advantage: Deal strategies and subsequent post-merger integration; driving the build-out of new business verticals; and introducing new end-to-end delivery models.

“Bryan is not bound by established process or norms of operations and thinking,” says Andy Townshend, Senior VP Business Development, Syneos Health. “At Syneos Health, he brought a new way of thinking to each topic challenging the status quo, thinking more broadly to include blended ideas from across other industries and disrupted the standard path the Syneos Health teams would have taken and then subsequently enabled our company to challenge our customers to achieve options they didn’t know they had.”

Most recently, Bryan was recruited to join KCR by President and CEO Mike Jagielski.

“I met Bryan over 12 years ago when he first started his consulting career, and now I have a front-row seat view to how he makes it work,” Jagielski says. “The immediate injection of new ideas, the subtle yet persuasive influence to make those new ideas real, engaging customers to play in his sandbox and the ability to see where and how to breakthrough to that next level.”


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