ELITE 2020 Strategist Ben Schwartz of Genentech, Inc.

Ben Schwartz

Product Manager, OCREVUS Marketing

Genentech, Inc.

Delivering Superior Access-Related Support

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an increasingly complex disease state with varying routes of administration, new agents entering an already crowded market, and generics on the horizon. Despite all of this, OCREVUS was making its mark on the landscape. But while the OCREVUS marketing team was predominantly focused on providing information on its strong efficacy and building the OCREVUS reputation, it was Ben Schwartz who led the charge to ensure his team also focused on defining/identifying customer access strategies and improving patient access.

Ben crafted a plan so that the marketing team could quantify and classify the materials and resources that fell into the access realm and identify gaps. He rallied his team around the action plan, surveyed all existing materials, and collected appropriate feedback and buy-in from the cross-functional team. Their efforts ultimately ensured they had the best materials to help customers navigate the nuanced OCREVUS process and deliver some of the best access-related support in the MS space.

Ben and his team didn’t stop there. He believed the manner in which the field team was communicating these resources and personally understanding the process for getting OCREVUS was just as vital. He turned his attention to the language in use—presentation in a customer-centric way was vital. Ben worked closely with Genentech strategy leads to build trainings that would be deployed at the brand’s network meeting, providing a unique opportunity to change the conversation and educate the larger team at once.

In only a few weeks of time, a customer road map and checklist were developed to become the foundation for a training focused on the access and reimbursement process. The training included creative lessons on access topics while also ensuring time for specific scenario breakdowns in group settings so the team could learn together and be more prepared for working with customers. The training introduced new topics to the field such that other brands wanted to replicate it and incorporate it into their training as well.

Even after a busy year spearheading these pivotal initiatives, Ben is already gearing up to have an even more exciting 2020 with new pilots to better support customers.


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