ELITE 2020 Sales MVP Matthew Ciciretti of MedSurvey

Matthew Ciciretti

Vice President of Business Development


Building Transparency for Market Research

Matt Ciciretti joined MedSurvey four years ago as the first and only fully dedicated salesperson in the company’s history. In that time, he has been instrumental in building a high-performing sales team from the ground up, helping substantially grow top-line revenues. While that’s a huge accomplishment in itself, Matt has provided MedSurvey and the pharmaceutical market research industry with something even more valuable for long-term success—the message of client/vendor transparency.

As a seasoned sales professional having worked for major companies selling media and advertising, Matt was a complete newcomer to the market research industry. What he discovered when he started calling prospective customers completely baffled him—a complete lack of transparency between clients and vendors.

In his previous work, Matt was accustomed to providing his clients with “proof” and project plans for the business that he booked. Little did he know that market research clients had much lower expectations of their partners and data providers. After several sales calls during his early days with MedSurvey, Matt noticed this to be an alarming trend. Clients were not asking how projects were going to be executed or what strategies might be used. These clients just went on blind faith, which often resulted in the 11th-hour scramble.

Matt has championed this message of full transparency, and has even encouraged clients to demand more of their vendors, including MedSurvey. While working with clients, he has successfully helped them to create realistic expectations of sample providers and ultimately improve response rates. Matt has elevated the topic of transparency with market research agencies within a climate of shrinking budgets, shorter timelines, and more specific research requirements. During the quoting phase and throughout the project lifecycle, clients are fully aware of the execution strategy as well as progress and any challenges that could interfere with the outlined plan.

This message has been greatly received by clients and a variety of trade organizations including Insights Association. More recently, Matt was a featured speaker at the Pharma Market Research Conference and the Quirks Event in New York where he continued to deliver this message in a broad sense.


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