ELITE 2020 Mentor John Vaughan of Outcome Health

John Vaughan

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Outcome Health

Bringing Integrity to Compliance

John is General Counsel and the first-ever Compliance Officer for Outcome Health, where his goal is to make sure the company’s tenets of compliance, which he personally developed and organized, are embedded into workplace culture. He makes it a point to meet every employee in all three offices, and everyone knows him due to his “Code of Conduct” training during all employees’ onboarding and his regular emails about new developments.

While a compliance program so often is focused on enforcement, John looks at compliance as an opportunity for continuous improvement. At Outcome Health, there are umpteen employees in a myriad of disciplines that interpret compliance based on their work. However, his expectation for acting with integrity remains the same for everyone and he sees when people make mistakes and ask for help as part of his definition of integrity. His byword is, “We will all benefit as a company known for compliance or suffer as a company not known for it.”

John’s focus is on developing, implementing, and overseeing compliance policies and procedures as part of Outcome Health’s next generation Corporate Compliance Program. He built a new standard for the point of care sector, setting a high bar for the rest of the industry which previously had few foundational guidelines. Outcome Health’s program was designed by John to foster compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as prevent, detect, and take appropriate remedial measures to address any noncompliance.

John has an exceptional ability to find out what motivates people and what keeps them in their line of work. Throughout his career, he has mentored direct reports, listened to their needs, and helped them successfully shift from one career to another. John is an exceptional mentor simply by the example he sets. His contributions, particularly to the healthcare and pharma industries, are recognized, appreciated, and emulated by others. He is respected and trusted by colleagues and employees at all levels of Outcome Health; they feel safe to communicate openly without the threat of being judged or ridiculed. John’s record of success is sure to help Outcome Health elevate the standards of point of care.


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