ELITE 2020 Leader of the Future Carmine Attanasio of Bristol Myers Squibb Company

Carmine Attanasio

Associate Director, Digital Product Marketing, Hematology—Multiple Myeloma

Bristol Myers Squibb Company

Creating a Connected Digital Ecosystem

“Carmine Attanasio has been an integral part of the tremendous success of the Celgene (now BMS) multiple myeloma marketing franchise,” explains Jason Friedman, Regional Vice President, Doximity. “He has worked with a number of partners in the industry to bring the most innovative and effective solutions to mulitple brand teams.”

Part of Carmine’s effective strategy was optimizing the budgets of the multiple myeloma commercial brands by creating a multiple myeloma franchise program versus individual brand campaigns. This approach ensured that multiple myeloma brands would maximize their brand spend, streamline resources across the franchise, and ultimately deliver stronger results for each brand team.

For example, in order to educate, engage, enable, and generate an experience that matters to HCPs who treat multiple myeloma, Carmine recognized the need to build a digital ecosystem where audio and visual meet on ReachMD, a clinical learning platform containing streaming radio that aligns with the engagement strategy.

Carmine’s desire to generate the ideal customer experience included other major digital initiatives as well. Carmine’s team orchestrated an update to six websites for the multiple myeloma brands, as well as enhanced the disease education platforms for greater condition awareness and engagement. But not only did he create a digital ecosystem, he connected it all with data. And each partner who worked with Carmine and his team could see the whole picture—how each partner effected the multiple myeloma NPP performance analytics, from disease to brand to franchise with an eye towards the hematology enterprise.

Carmine implemented a point of reference called PULSE CHECK that speaks to omni marketing activity across Provider and Patient audiences. Carmine details what everyone across channel partners and audiences is doing to optimize efforts to define and optimize the customer experience and provide multimedia education to promote multiple myeloma and benefit the patients on their journey.

“In working with many digital marketers over the years, we recognize inherent characteristics in Carmine that create opportunity for innovation,” says David Schoonmaker, Co-Founding Partner, D+R Lathian. “His proactive leadership style keeps all of the shareholders on the same page, which produces increased communication and time for innovative ideas to come forward.”


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