ELITE 2020 Entrepreneur Michelle Longmire of Medable

Michelle Longmire

CEO and Founder


Reducing Clinical Trial Timelines

Michelle Longmire, MD is on a mission to reduce clinical trial timelines by 50%. Since founding Medable, the company has become an early leader in the movement to digitize and virtualize clinical trials through a modular digital platform that streamlines design, recruitment, retention, and data quality for decentralized trials.

Under Michelle’s leadership, Medable has recruited a diverse and experienced team of digital and biopharma experts globally, with multiple U.S. offices including headquarters in Palo Alto, CA and global offices in EMEA and South America. The team has built a platform that replaces previously siloed systems with integrated digital tools, data, and interfaces to accelerate trial execution. The platform also brings together patients, sites, and clinical trial teams to improve patient access, experience, and outcomes.

In 2019, the company experienced a breakout year fueled by increasing awareness and adoption of decentralized trials across the industry. The company grew its revenue by more than 5X YoY and secured more than 20 pharma and biotech customers, including two top 10 global pharma companies and leading medical centers such as University of Pennsylvania and University of Connecticut.

During the year, Medable provided the digital trial infrastructure to expand patient access and improve data quality for more than 18 clinical trials across 30+ countries and 26 languages. This included both virtual and hybrid trials for a broad range of treatments, including evaluation of phototherapy for psoriasis treatment, evaluation of statin-related adverse events, schizophrenia, maternal and infant health, and diabetes.

The company also was awarded two Fast-Track Small Business Innovation (SBIR) grants from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The grants will provide up to $3.5 million to further develop two projects: TogetherCare, a mobile application on a smart software system that informal caregivers will use to develop and implement home-based care for cancer survivors, and DigiBioMarC, a scalable and flexible cloud-based platform to capture and analyze wearable, implantable, or external device data.

Outside of Medable, Michelle is a Stanford-trained physician who continues to practice in adult dermatology. She has also been awarded a U.S. patent for disease management methods using machine learning and has been published in more than a dozen medical journals.


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