ELITE 2020 Disrupters Parth Khanna, Kapil Kalra, and Kumar Erramilli of ACTO

Parth Khanna, Chief Executive Officer, ACTO

Kapil Kalra, Chief Revenue Officer, ACTO

Kumar Erramilli, Chief Technology Officer, ACTO

Fast and Effective Sales Training

Last year, ACTO’s Founders Parth Khanna, Kapil Kalra, and Kumar Erramilli were named PM360 ELITE Entrepreneurs for building ACTO, a company addressing the challenges of drug and device promotion in the life sciences industry. This year, they’ve been named PM360 ELITE Disrupters.

Since ACTO’s inception, the founders’ collective vision fueled ACTO to create a disruptive impact on the life sciences industry.

2019 marked a milestone year for ACTO as it helped a global pharmaceutical company leverage the ACTO platform to launch a new indication for an existing drug that was previously underperforming. The new indication had the potential to reduce the risk of hospitalization from heart failure among type 2 diabetes patients. ACTO helped the pharma company launch the new indication—in record time. Within a quarter of the new indication launch in late 2019, the pharmaceutical company’s reps were trained to effectively transform HCP perception around the drug’s brand and clinical story, and the drug experienced a 6% increase in sales.

The pharma company used the ACTO platform to get their reps up to speed with the new indication and to enable them to learn in the flow of work. ACTO conducted a pilot with 250 reps and achieved a 98% adoption rate, which led the pharma company to extend ACTO from 250 reps to 3,000 reps. Technology implementations of this scale usually take several months to a year, but ACTO achieved it in a record time of just under 12 weeks.

After implementing ACTO’s platform into the pharma company’s commercial unit, ACTO’s technology team worked closely with the pharma company to build ACTO’s AI-powered Recommendation Engine to assist the company in scaling out their blueprint of successful rep behaviors.

The pharma company also leveraged ACTO’s extensive life sciences focused partner program, which provided the company with a total solution for all of their needs, including content creation, delivery, field engagement, and business insights.

As the life sciences industry continues to redefine itself to be able to thrive in the post-COVID-19 world, Parth, Kapil, and Kumar commit to lead digital transformation and disrupt life sciences commercialization, to improve patient outcomes.


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