ELITE 2020 Disrupter Rob Roth of The Bloc

Rob Roth

VP, Group Account Director

The Bloc

The Creative Account Director

While members of account teams don’t normally get recognition for being “creative,” Rob Roth has proven to be both a right-hand partner to creative teams as well as an advocate for the client. Throughout his career, Rob has ensured that both the creative vision and business objectives are fused to meet the needs of customers. In fact, that very combination led him to be named “Best Suit” at the 2019 Creative Floor Awards.

One example of Rob’s approach was his work on Epidiolex, the first and only FDA-approved CBD formulation for the treatment of Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). Brainstorms between Rob and the creative team led to award-winning ideas like Growing Innovation—a VR experience that allowed doctors to literally step into the fields, facilities, and labs that went into each and every bottle of EpidiolexThe larger campaign that Growing Innovation was a part of led to more than 15,000 patients with extremely rare disease treated in the first year alone, and more than 3,000 prescribing physicians. Additionally, the brand’s CRM campaign achieved a unique open rate more than 250% above the national benchmark across segments.

But Rob has been making an impact in the healthcare industry long before Epidiolex. One of his first assignments was to work with Roche/Genentech on a product called Pegasys. Rob’s team created the “Bruises” campaign to educate patients/HCPs about the damage Hepatitis C was doing to the inside of their bodies, while patients may have presented as asymptomatic and been unaware of the long-term damage that was accumulating. The campaign was so well received that it was even featured on Real Time with Bill Maher. How many other pharma ads can say that?

“As an experienced and seasoned account leader now,” Rob says, “I would like to spend more time mentoring the next generation of account leads by collaborating with junior and up-coming staff members to help provide them with opportunities to take the lead with proper guidance and to achieve their own successes while continuing to push agencies and our clients to be even more patient-, caregiver-, and HCP-centric every day we set foot in the door.”


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