ELITE 2018 Transformational Leader Kevin S. Paris of Merck

Kevin S. Paris

Director, Marketing Operations – SCRIPTs Department


Innovating Voucher and Sampling Programs

Twelve years ago, Kevin S. Paris launched the first voucher and coupon programs at Merck. Now as the Director of Operations for the SCRIPTs Department, he runs a large and diverse organization. His teams are responsible for marketing and field sales operations as well as sample and promotional fulfillment. The common theme across his organization is to put patients and providers at the forefront. Kevin’s teams continue to innovate ways to enhance the customer experience while improving Merck’s internal processes.

For example, Kevin and his team developed novel programs to increase the speed and efficiency for delivering samples, vouchers, and/or coupons to appropriate patients and physicians. Kevin has leveraged innovative EHR system technology to increase his organization’s ability to efficiently and effectively deliver messaging, educational materials, and support for Merck’s products to customers. Additionally, business benefits of these advancements include allowing for improved compliance and decreasing expenses, waste, and duplication.

Kevin and his team are also responsible for implementing a new tool that allows field representatives to compliantly offer samples to appropriate physicians “remotely.” This tool has been used successfully to cover more geography, particularly in rural areas and to make covering a vacant territory more manageable. It is also useful when weather conditions do not support in-office visits. This tool is yet another example of Kevin’s ability to design and implement new and innovative programs at Merck.

Innovation and strategy are not the only areas where Kevin excels. He is also an excellent leader. Kevin is committed to supporting employee performance through feedback, rewards, and coaching. This produces results for the department, grows the talent pipeline, and sets the foundation for his direct reports to succeed in the rest of their careers.


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