ELITE 2018 Transformational Leader Jeffrey D. Erb of Healix

Jeffrey D. Erb



Transforming Media and Company Culture

Founded in 2016 with only eight clients, Healix now has more than 20 pharmaceutical clients. That growth is a direct result of the environment created by Jeffrey D. Erb.

Jeff’s mission is to drive transformational change within the pharmaceutical media industry. Healix’s proprietary tool, DNA, is a life sciences calibrated planning tool—and the only tool of its kind that measures the psychological and emotional drivers behind certain practices of medicine. Jeff has been instrumental in pushing its continued development and feature enhancements. Fueled by a connections panel of thousands of consumers and HCPs, DNA uses a genetic algorithm to optimize channel tasks by applying emotional drivers against media data for more effective healthcare planning, combining qualitative human psychology and quantitative data.

But the success of Healix can be attributed to more than just its offerings. Company culture is a priority, and Jeff is leading the way. He instituted “Laid-back Lunch,” where every two weeks a staff member is randomly selected to have lunch with him. There is no agenda. It is just time for Jeff and the team member to get to know each other on a more personal level and it provides an opportunity for people to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas regarding Healix.

At the heart of the organization is its Culture Committee, consisting of team members across organizational levels, ensuring a culture of collaboration and camaraderie. Staff are provided with regular opportunities to connect with each other through social activities and charitable initiatives. In the past year, Healix has read with underprivileged children at Pajama Program, raised money for the American Heart Foundation, and walked in the JDRF OneWalk for type 1 diabetes. The Culture Committee also created the Healix ACE Awards, which allows anyone in the organization to nominate another employee in the areas of Customer Service, Team Player, Living the Brand, and Innovation.

“The Culture Committee and initiatives like the ACE awards, reflect the type of organization Jeff has created,” says Morayea Pindziak, VP, Marketing at Healix. “It is what makes Healix the innovative, imaginative organization changing the way pharma brands engage physicians, patients, and caregivers.”


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