ELITE 2018 Transformational Leader Dan Renick of Precision Value & Health

Dan Renick


Precision Value & Health

Helping Pharma Demonstrate Value

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the demonstration of value has never been more important. Recognizing this need, Dan Renick has further advanced the movement with the formulation and establishment of two new organizations within the Precision Medicine Group family: Precision Value & Health and Precision Xtract.

Precision Value & Health provides a focused set of complementary services working in concert to help pharmaceutical and life sciences clients establish the clinical, economic, and humanistic value of innovative therapies to global payers, healthcare professionals, and patients. Through health policy research, data informatics, value message development, and brand engagement, Precision Value & Health harnesses and deploys the insights of leading market access thought leaders, former payer executives, academics, policy makers, data scientists, and strategic marketers.

Precision Value & Health debuted in 2017, showcasing three of Precision’s industry-leading business units: Precision for Value, Precision Health Economics, and precisioneffect. Altogether, the company has more than 550 employees in 10 offices across North America and Europe. So far, the company’s assemblage of expertise and differentiated services has resonated with the healthcare industry—2017 revenues total around $144 million dollars.

In concert with the launch of Precision Value & Health, Dan saw an opportunity to enhance the brand offering even more by adding a new, fourth entity to the mix—Precision Xtract, a global market-access consultancy. Precision Xtract comprises a new alignment of existing, industry-leading consulting services configured to provide pharma innovators with unified health economics and outcomes research, global pricing, access strategy and analytics, pull-through, and data management.

This reorganization is only the latest example of Dan’s success. While beginning his career as a pharmacist, Dan eventually joined the pharma industry in the managed markets division at Merck and then on the payer side with Humana. He then became President of Hobart Group Holdings, which became Precision for Value after being acquired by Precision Medicine Group in 2013. Staying on as President, Dan has guided the company through constant growth, including the addition of key executives and leading experts in market access, office expansions, opening new locations, and a continuous series of strategic acquisitions to add new and complementary services.


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