ELITE 2018 Strategist Holly H. Henry of Klick Health

Holly H. Henry

Chief Medical Officer

Klick Health

Medical Strategy Expert

Holly H. Henry, PhD knows the world of medical strategy like the back of her hand. After all, she has established some of the pharma industry’s most successful Medical Strategy groups—guiding teams on brands, including Amyvid, Imbruvica, Savaysa, and Opdivo.

So, it’s hardly any surprise to hear that as Chief Medical Officer at Klick Health, Holly brings new approaches to things like how to launch a product in a rare disease space or how to approach early commercialization in today’s quickly evolving digital world.

Shifting mindsets over the years from “I don’t know what medical strategy is” to “I need medical strategy,” Holly has consistently stated (and won) her case for medical strategy, proving its value and need in a campaign.

Holly and her team immerse themselves in even the most obscure details surrounding life-saving drugs (e.g., immuno-oncology) in order to translate them in a way which both adheres to strict FDA regulations and ensures that physicians and patients understand the clinical impact of these therapies and feel confident and comfortable prescribing and/or using them.

Prior to joining Klick, Holly built medical strategy teams from the ground up at two other large agencies. As EVP, Chief Medical Officer at FCB Health Network, Holly’s team grew to more than 50 and quickly became a vital tool for all aspects of agency work.

Before entering pharma marketing, Holly was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Associate at the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine, located on the prestigious Rutgers University’s Busch Campus. Prior to that, she received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine in Cellular and Molecular Biology for her work in viral gene expression.

Throughout her career, Holly has maintained the highest of standards—both professionally and personally—something that distinguishes her, according to Klick President Lori Grant.

“Holly doesn’t stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the majority of Chief Medical Officers; she stands head and shoulders above them,” Grant says. “She combines her unique scientific expertise with a sense of empathy that’s rare to find and is paving the way for future medical strategists and is making a difference to so many.”


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