ELITE 2018 Patient Advocate Alisha Bridges of Remedy Health Media

Alisha Bridges

Psoriasis Advocate

Founder, Being Me in My Own Skin, HealthCentral Social Ambassador, Remedy Health Media

Empowering Psoriasis Patients

Alisha Bridges was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of seven and has been living with the disease for more than two decades. Growing up during a time when public awareness about psoriasis was minimal, Alisha encountered a barrage of stigma and misconceptions about her skin and struggled—as so many do—with low self-esteem throughout her youth and adolescence.

Alisha, however, experienced a powerful turning point when she decided to speak out candidly about her condition. She launched her now award-winning blog, “Being Me in My Own Skin” and penned her “suicide letter” to psoriasis in 2012, which has now been read nearly 48,000 times. Alisha quickly found her voice and her passion to raise awareness, debunk common misconceptions, and empower others with psoriasis, and has been featured in the National Psoriasis Foundation Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Healthline Magazine, HealthCentral.com, EverydayHealth.com, WebMD, Stanford Medical ScopeBlog, HealthstoriesProject, and RollingOut.

Since 2013, Alisha has also been a fierce advocate for the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) and won the NPF’s highest honor in 2015, the Outstanding Volunteer Leadership Award. She was also awarded the 2017 WEGO Health Patient Leader Hero Award for her outspoken advocacy on behalf of the psoriasis community.

Beyond her renowned blog, Alisha continues to network and connect people with psoriasis as a Patient Hero and Social Ambassador through Remedy Health Media’s HealthCentral Live Bold, Live NowTM. Alisha has shared her story and advice to others through the Live Bold, Live Now Storytelling initiative in both written and video formats. And her engagement with the psoriatic disease community as a Social Ambassador contributed to a 308% YOY fan growth for HealthCentral’s Psoriasis Facebook page.

Through her advocacy, Alisha has also demonstrated her commitment to advancing psoriasis research and treatment. She lobbies her legislators on behalf of psoriasis patients, fundraises for research, participates in research to advance clinical understanding of the efficacy of new psoriasis treatments, and advises several pharma companies from the patient perspective.


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