ELITE 2018 Master Educator Sachin Makani of Virgo Health

Sachin Makani

Scientific Director

Virgo Health

The Humble Neuroscientist

“Sachin Makani, PhD is the humblest neuroscientist you will ever meet,” says Susan Cuozzo, Executive Director, Virgo Health. “He is completely unassuming and has an uncanny ability to break down the most complicated scientific concepts into easy-to-understand facts. Internally, he has demonstrated this ability by acting as our resident biosimilars guru; he is always imparting his expertise in this area and its ongoing developments to the rest of the team. He is also dedicated to excellence, always taking the time to make sure that his work and the work of those he mentors is accurate and scientifically rigorous.”

When Virgo Health was working with Eli Lilly on Alzheimer’s disease business, Sachin developed a core slide deck that was designed to educate multiple audiences on Alzheimer’s disease and why a timely diagnosis is so urgent. The engaging visuals and “chunking” of essential information for primary care physicians, nurses, specialists, and caregivers had a great educational impact and served as a call to action.

Sachin is always excited by professional challenges and has proven that by working mostly on content that is unrelated to neuroscience. Since Virgo Health does a great deal of work in the area of diabetes, Sachin has become an expert and a valuable asset to clients. He has overseen the development of content used to help clients become aligned at internal meetings by building agendas and exercises to ensure that attendees are clear on objectives and are invested in meeting outcomes. Sachin has also worked on content across therapeutic areas including soft tissue sarcoma, biosimilars, Fragile X syndrome, and epilepsy to engage and educate HCP audiences.

Since HCPs are constantly inundated with information—and the time they have to dedicate to actually learning is really quite limited—it is important to leave them with new information that resonates and can improve the lives of their patients. Sachin has helped Virgo Health’s clients achieve this by making sure that regardless of the tactic, HCPs are always learning something new and can recall that information and apply it to their practice.


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