ELITE 2018 Marketing Team Eucrisa Cross Functional Team

Eucrisa Cross Functional Team


Agency Partners: FCB Health, Carat, GCI

Team Members:
Shital Adur, Ilana Barishman, Michelle Blackman, Ali Bozenhard, Eric Brandon, Ceci Daley, Kat Djordjevic, Jim Donohue, Ruth Dovdavany, Melissa Gonzales, Erika Guay, Ken Haener, Todd Hannon, David Heard, Elisa Hunigman, Mark Kobliner, Alaina Kupec, Mark Levenberg, Shannon Lia-Onay, Kay Millman, Casey Muoio, Brooke McCloy, Helena Peist, Tasheia Pelham Ellison, Cathy Perry, Christian Sebastiano, Nuno Santo, Mike Sasso, Amy Singer, and Daren Sink.

Nuno Santo, Cathy Perry, Shannon Lia-Onay, Amy Singer, Ceci Daley, Ilana Barishman, Ruth Dovdavany, Ali Bozenhard, Alaina Kupec, Erika Guay, and Christian Sebastiano.

A Different Approach to Pharma TV & Beyond

From fairies to fishermen, photographers and doting moms, Eucrisa treats mild-to-moderate eczema on ages 2 and up. Eczema is a common, chronic skin condition that affects 18 million kids and adults in the U.S. The Eucrisa Marketing Team’s mission: Make sure this extremely diverse group of sufferers and the HCPs that treat them are aware of Eucrisa, the first topical prescription eczema treatment approved by the FDA in over a decade. Eucrisa is a 100% steroid-free ointment for mild-to-moderate eczema for adults and kids as young as two. It can be used from nose to toes, on all skin tones (not for use in eyes, mouth, or vagina).

The Eucrisa cross functional team is a diverse group of more than 20 individuals. They have dedicated their time and passion to understand meaningful patient, HCP, and payer insights, to help bring to life campaigns and messaging designed to educate about this chronic condition and help patients get treatment they need.

To help demonstrate the broad usability of Eucrisa, the team launched the “Almost Everybody, Almost Everywhere” Consumer campaign with two, 30-second TV spots—that’s right—a pharmaceutical brand launching with a 30-second TV spot. Each spot features a wide cast of characters who wonder if Eucrisa can work for them and their specific eczema. The team also created an engaging website, complete with disease education, useful tips, and a patient-friendly, animated MOA video that brings the unique MOA to life.

And in April, the team launched a pharma first, 15-second fully branded TV spot. But the innovation didn’t stop there, the HCP and payer teams dynamically customize content to listen to, internalize, and ultimately meet customer needs among a wide range of payers and diverse groups of healthcare professionals.

“At Pfizer, we put Patients First, and this philosophy has been realized by our customers in research, within our Facebook community and beyond,” says Amy Singer, Director, Consumer Team Lead, Pfizer. “As a team, we are dedicated to educating our audiences, and motivating them to treat eczema differently with steroid-free Eucrisa.”

Please see Important Safety Information and Full Prescribing Information at Eucrisa.com.


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