ELITE 2018 Marketing Team Clovis Market Access Team

Clovis Market Access Team

Clovis Oncology

Agency Partners: Entrée Health, Analysis Group, and A.L.L. Global Media Solutions (now part of SSCG Media Group)

Team Members:
Juniette Kang’a, Associate Director Value Marketing
Jeff Ladwig, Vice President, Market Access
Steve Farmer, Sr. Director, Trade
John Bilger, Director of National Accounts
Vince Donofrio, Director of National Accounts
Kevin Morrow, Director of National Accounts
Tracie Thomas, Senior Manager, Patient Access and Reimbursement
David Dai, Director, Pricing and Contracting, Market Access

Clovis Market Access team and cross-functional partners in analytics research with field access navigators.

Specialty Access Planners

With a growing number of new oral oncolytic medications for the treatment of recurrent ovarian cancer—all approved in a short time period—it can be challenging to gain and keep a share of voice in this market, especially if your competitors enter the market first.

The Clovis Market Access Team took the challenge head on, focusing on differentiating and creating awareness of the benefit and value proposition of Rubraca (rucaparib) tablets from its competitors, and ensuring optimal access for patients and prescribers.

The team began with the creation of Rubraca Connections, a patient services program offering a full range of financial and reimbursement support. It includes the Rubraca $0 Co-Pay Program to help patients afford and stay on Rubraca, as well as the QuickStart Program and Patient Assistance Programs which are all aimed at making access to Rubraca as seamless as possible. Clovis also listened to the voice of oncologist staff and created a new role—Field Access Navigators—to support and keep providers informed.

To ensure fulfillment, the Clovis team built a limited distribution network which took into consideration the access to Rubraca through the many different channels, such as institutional- and community-based oncologists. The ultimate goal of getting patients the drug within six days was met right from the start of launch. To achieve this lofty goal, the team worked with their advertising and distribution partners to develop SOPs, templates, and processes to aid prescribers in gaining the appropriate access to Rubraca. Even more important, post-launch, the team assessed their strategy and made midstream adjustments as necessary. All the while, close collaboration with the field sales and marketing teams was needed to ensure a consistent message was being delivered to prescribers.

Next, the Clovis National Account Team focused on educating payers about the nuanced differences among products in the class, leveraging the clinical story of Rubraca. Through extensive payer research (in-depth interviews and ad boards) and clear messages on appropriate use and patient populations, the team developed an optimal differentiation strategy and built tools specific for the payer audience, which resulted in access to Rubraca for greater than 95% of patients nationwide.


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