ELITE 2018 Launch Expert Ryan Wallace of Bausch + Lomb

Ryan Wallace

Marketing Director, Glaucoma Franchise

Bausch + Lomb

Eliciting Physician Excitement

Many sales representatives are struggling to get in to see physicians, but not the ones covering Bausch + Lomb’s innovative glaucoma medication, a first in this product category for the organization. Physicians are increasingly calling the offices of Bausch + Lomb to request a rep visit to learn more about the company’s first novel therapy in glaucoma in about 20 years. And much of that can be attributed to the work of Ryan Wallace who led the launch of the brand.

Before being the product manager for this new product launch, all of Ryan’s previous experience had come with surgical products—this was his first time launching a pharmaceutical brand. But that didn’t seem to matter, even as new obstacles were thrown his way including three product delays, limited formulary coverage, and a glaucoma market that is 70% generics. These challenges have not prevented the early success the product has achieved in the market.

Ryan has been able to break through with a strong technologically advanced commercial strategy that highlights the product’s mechanism of action (MOA). His strategy includes a truly unique augmented reality (AR) experience via a six foot-tall, bright green, 3D-printed patient who is the product’s centerpiece at industry tradeshows. This distinctive AR experience creates excitement and attracts conference attendees to the Bausch + Lomb booth.

Physicians interact with the AR experience to learn about the molecule, its novel MOA, and supporting clinical studies. Sales reps also use 3D goggles in the field to educate eye care professionals and their staff on how the molecule works. Ryan and his team are working to launch additional augmented reality technology to the field in the near future.

Ryan and his team continue to hear from physicians who are excited about the product and enjoy learning about this novel glaucoma molecule. Given the difficulties marketers face finding new and innovative ways to create content that engages and holds the viewer’s attention, the team finds their technologically advanced tactics and state-of-the-art MOA video continue to receive extremely high levels of interest and viewership.


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