ELITE 2018 Launch Expert Kim Gariepy of Shire

Kim Gariepy

Senior Director, Mydayis Commercial Lead, Neuroscience Division


Creating a Brand Fit for a #Boss

Facing an ADHD treatment market dominated by industry blockbusters like Adderall®, Adderall XR®, and Vyvanse®, it was critical that the launch of Mydayis® needed to standout while minimizing cannibalization of Shire’s existing ADHD portfolio. Kim Gariepy, the Mydayis Launch Lead, her marketing team, and her agency (Intouch Solutions) knew that the first step was to determine which patient was an appropriate fit, so patients and their doctors were prepared for productive conversation about long-acting Mydayis.

Kim and her team discovered that women accounted for the 56% growth in ADHD prescriptions during the last four years, and of that number, women 26-34 powered that increase. Highlighting this patient and her needs allowed the sales team to have more specific and focused conversations with HCPs—helping to differentiate between other products on the market.

To further differentiate Mydayis, Kim worked with her team and Intouch to launch the #ladyboss campaign. The ADHD market was already awash in subtle blues and calming greens that came from a time when ADHD treatments were about soothing hyperactive children. In speaking to adult women, they wanted Mydayis to be a brand that spoke more to the realities of their everyday lives.

Of course, it’s not enough to build a beautiful brand. So, Kim and her team committed to learning and evolving—even as they were in the midst of a launch. The first step was launching the Go Early Program, which allowed for a post-FDA approval but pre-commercial launch opportunity to get feedback on Mydayis. Via surveys, HCPs and patients were asked for candid feedback with the goal of better understanding the patient experience.

But the learning didn’t stop there. Every touchpoint, every tactic, every word was considerate of the audience and where (and how) they’d best be served. The combination of bringing a stand out brand and putting the brand where it mattered most to each audience is what made the Mydayis launch successful.

How successful? Based on prescriptions, Mydayis is the most successful launch in the last seven years in the ADHD category by threefold.


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