ELITE 2018 Launch Expert Cherie Staats of Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Cherie Staats

Director, Managed Markets Marketing

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Four Launches in One Year

The launch of three products in three months, and four in one year—that was the challenge Cherie Staats and her team faced. A determination to get the job done right and to raise the bar on launch excellence was the ethic championed by Cherie and the hallmark of the successful launches.

“We accomplished many firsts in record time,” Cherie says, “while navigating several challenges.”

Cherie and her team persevered to bring four new products to the respiratory community while developing the Managed Markets strategy for each brand and creating key resources for both Account and Sales teams to be successful in the COPD therapeutic area. The team addressed the need for EHR off-cycle additions, developed and released pull-through tactics, and launched an innovative geofencing campaign to capitalize on growing access. Other critical resources led to earlier engagements with payers and allowed for access at launch.

“I’m grateful to every person who contributed to the success of all the Managed Markets launches,” Cherie adds. “It was definitely a team effort and I’m very proud to have helped lead the way.”

Cherie and her team were laser focused on the end goal and had clear priorities. Exquisite relationships with internal partners, key stakeholders, and external agencies were the backbone of the team’s success. Leading with stamina and fearlessness, her proactive approach meant doing the impossible and finding a path to “yes.” She led her team by infusing collaboration, clear communication, and deep gratitude.

“Cherie has a dynamic personality and her colleagues value her opinions and perspectives,” says Tracey O’Brien, EVP, Managing Director, Concentric Health Experience. “Her ability to talk to individuals on an intimate level allows her to have productive conversations with colleagues one-on-one as well as collaborate as a group to foster strong relationships, generate ideas, and increase motivation. Cherie took on the challenge of launching four new respiratory products in the Managed Markets channel by methodically building a team with the necessary skills and competencies to dive into the nuances of the marketplace and develop messages that are differentiating and compelling to the end user.


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