ELITE 2018 Entrepreneur Eric Peacock of MyHealthTeams

Eric Peacock

Co-founder and CEO


Building Condition-Specific Social Networks

Eric Peacock is fundamentally changing the way pharma marketers engage patients. MyHealthTeams, the company he co-founded with Mary Ray in 2012, has to-date created 29 social networks for people living with a chronic condition. Examples include MyMSTeam, MyPsoriasisTeam, MyMigraineTeam, MyALZTeam, and MyLupusTeam. More than 1.3 million registered members rely on MyHealthTeams’ social networks for trusted information and authentic connection. They share resources, lifehacks, emotional support, and the unfiltered truth of what it’s like to live with chronic disease.

Eric’s belief in starting MyHealthTeams was that health outcomes improve when people facing the same chronic condition are able to learn from each other. Based on hundreds of interviews with people living with dozens of different conditions, he identified a consistent desire to connect with others who “get it”—because they’re experiencing the same challenges. Chronic condition patients want to ask questions, get referrals, and share tips with other people who personally understand what it’s like to live with that condition.

When registering for one of MyHealthTeams’ social networks, members share their personal journey—such as when they were diagnosed, what symptoms they experience, which drugs they take, and what side effects they’ve experienced. They also share insight into who they are beyond the condition they have, and on a daily basis talk about how they’re feeling, what they’re doing to prepare for an upcoming visit with the doctor, how they’re responding to treatment, and what they’re doing at home and work or with friends and family.

This real-world view into the patient experience provides pharma marketers with unprecedented insight into unmet patient needs and the most effective ways to address them. More than two dozen pharma and biotech brands have partnered with MyHealthTeams on patient engagement initiatives—from research that informs clinical trial design to branded and unbranded patient education programs introducing new therapies.

MyHealthTeams is backed by $17.4 million from investors including Qiming U.S. Healthcare Fund, Adams Street Partners, CVS Health, The Westly Group, HealthTech Capital, and 500 Startups. Eric is a recognized thought leader on patient engagement and has spoken at conferences including SXSW, Digital Pharma, DIA, BIO, and many others.


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