ELITE 2018 Entrepreneur Brad Schaeffer of roz

Brad Schaeffer

CEO, Founder


Creating the Amazon of Healthcare

Brad Schaeffer had a vision: To become the “Amazon of healthcare.” To give consumers the same choice and transparency around the delivery of healthcare services as they had for any other item they might buy.

Healthcare has traditionally been fraught with complexity and frustration. And consumers tend to engage with healthcare only when they are sick. But Brad envisioned—and built—a better way. He built roz, an online personal healthcare assistant dedicated to delivering highly personalized wellness care. roz combines telemedicine, nutraceutical and prescription products, concierge care, and access to simple at-home diagnostic testing.

But roz is so much more than an online portal for goods and services. It is a cheerleader; a trusted medical advisor and coach; and a single resource for achieving and preserving the ultimate level of wellness. Brad knew he could make the greatest impact by expanding access not only to quality medical care, but to everything people need to achieve great health.

By creating roz, Brad also opened a novel cost-efficient DTC channel for pharma. He is already partnering with two major healthcare companies to offer their products and diagnostic testing on roz.com. They see it as a way to reach patients without the tens of millions of dollars traditionally spent on DTC launches and the bureaucracy that goes along with it. Brad sees it as a way to broaden consumer access to the products they need to take control of their health. With even more partnerships in the hopper, Brad aims to help pharma companies capitalize on the dramatic shift in how consumers are spending money on healthcare.

Even before roz, Brad established a track record for creating and driving sales strategies in the healthcare space. As CEO and Founder of MedComp Sciences, he grew the company from a startup into a full-service lab, physician consulting service, retail pharmacy, and medical biller—grossing $50M a year with 250 employees across 35 states. Prior to that, he has had equally impressive results throughout his 15+ years in the healthcare field including hospital and surgical equipment and instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, and executive leadership.


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