ELITE 2018 Digital Crusader Lyle Burling of C3i Solutions

Lyle Burling

Sr. Account Director

C3i Solutions

Video Email Innovator

Vigorously and tirelessly leading the cyber charge for the past 17 years, Lyle Burling’s latest project success, video email, has won the admiration and endorsement of C3i Solutions’ top consumer brand clients.

Video response emails were presented to Nestlé as a way to further improve their consumer engagement services. Short one- to two-minute personalized videos were created to reply to consumer inquires or complaints. Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) increased by 73% in only three months.

As a response to one of the emails, one consumer said: “Wow, I am completely blown away by a personalized video response, as well as the speed of that response. Thank you for letting me know that I matter as a customer—the long-lost art of true customer service seems to still be an everyday practice with your company. FIVE STARS!!”

But, then again, Lyle has been developing digital experiences that please clients and consumers alike for years. Previously, he built a dynamic, integrated, mission critical, Digital Social Media Engagement team, elevating response time KPIs and successfully delivering more than 100K consumer engagements annually.

He also introduced other successful solutions over the past few years, such as: 1-800 SMS-Text and artificial intelligence chatbots, both of which have helped to terraform the omni-channel landscape of the consumer industry. His 1-800 SMS-Text solution simplified communication and streamlined texts from end-users to CPG companies. While chatbots may be the buzzword of the day, Lyle has been diligently partnering with colleagues for years to perfect C3i Solutions’ automated response solution. Currently in beta testing at a top food and drink company, C3i Solutions’ chatbot solution is poised to provide global, 24/7 support.

“Lyle has fought the status quo as a crusader in medieval times battled to suppress heresy and paganism,” says Sarah Skaggs, Marketing Strategist at C3i Solutions. “He has proven that he knows how to wield the modern crusader sword as demonstrated by his flashes of greatness witnessed on the cyber battlefield.”


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