ELITE 2018 Data Miner Scott Nesbitt of PatientPoint

Scott Nesbitt

Chief Analytics, Insights & Strategy Officer


Point-of-Care Data and Auditing Guru

Scott Nesbitt’s mantra: If it can’t be measured, it’s not worth doing. Throughout Scott’s 17-year tenure at PatientPoint, he’s led the way in developing the company’s proprietary predictive measurement methodology to measure point-of-care (POC) channel effectiveness. Scott and the PatientPoint analytics team pioneered the use of independent third-party analytics and research partners to craft tailored pre-post/test-versus-control analytics to clearly demonstrate how PatientPoint programs deliver volume and ROI impact for Rx and OTC brands.

Under Scott’s leadership, PatientPoint has become the POC industry’s preeminent purveyor of insight and value through best-in-class analytics and independent evaluation.

Of course, the POC channel has come under scrutiny recently—even as spending in the channel continues to increase—as some companies question the accuracy of the reported numbers. During this time of both growth and scrutiny, Scott has doubled down on putting clients’ trust first, shaping enhanced PatientPoint auditing standards.

In 2018, Scott is directing proactive, independent third-party audits to confirm the physical presence and operation of devices featuring sponsor messages and to verify and validate digital playback of sponsor advertising across all PatientPoint products. These audits include photographs, geo-location coding, and transmission records to further demonstrate to PatientPoint clients that the advertising they expect to be delivered is being delivered.

Scott’s work to prove POC’s value doesn’t stop with PatientPoint. He’s also shaping auditing standards for the entire industry as a leader within the Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3). The trade group—of which PatientPoint is a founding member—focuses on advocating for the effective use of the POC channel to advance health and healthcare outcomes.

Scott currently chairs the PoC3 Verification and Validation Standards committee, a group of representatives from PoC3 member companies, pharma brands, agencies, and consumer companies all working to assemble industry auditing standards to which PoC3 members must adhere. The comprehensive guidelines will establish a common set of standards that ensure all POC players are providing services that were promised to clients.


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