White Paper: 10+ Benefits of Moving Your Advisory Boards Online

White Paper: 10+ Benefits of Moving Your Advisory Boards Online

White Paper: 10+ Benefits of Moving Your Advisory Boards Online

In today’s ever-changing competitive landscape, staying one step ahead of the competition is more important than ever for Pharma brands. To this end, it is crucial to understand the needs and wants of all relevant stakeholders. Traditionally, this has been achieved through in-person advisory boards. However, with shrinking budgets and increasing numbers of stakeholders, all of whom have busy schedules, getting the advisors together in the same room more than once a year is often not feasible.

In this new white paper, Impetus Digital examines some of the numerous benefits of moving away from the traditional face-to-face advisory board approach to more frequent and high-impact online interactions.

White paper highlights:

  • This white paper outlines 10+ benefits of moving your advisory board meetings online using a single, comprehensive, privately-branded, compliant and secure online platform for all activities.
  • Among many other benefits, moving your advisory boards online results in substantially increased advisor engagement, frequency of interaction, and quality and quantity of insights.
  • There are also significant cost- and time-savings: for the cost of ONE in-person consultancy meetings, you can engage your advisors THREE to FOUR times as much.
  • From the advisors’ point-of-view, the convenience of being able to complete each touchpoint at the place and time that suit them best, as well as to interact and learn from their peers, is invaluable.
  • If you are not ready to move away from face-to-face meetings completely, virtual advisory boards are ideal for filling the “white space” between these interactions.


White Paper: 10+ Benefits of Moving Your Advisory Boards Online
  • Impetus Digital

    Based in Toronto, Canada, Impetus Digital has been proudly serving life science clients around the world since 2008. Impetus’ best-in-class, pharma-compliant online platform offers an effective alternative or supplement to in-person advisory boards or working groups, with dramatically reduced costs and increased stakeholder engagement rates. With features such as real-time webinars and asynchronous – but highly interactive – discussion forums, online debates, case studies, survey-style multiple-choice and ranking questions, and annotation and selection tools, it allows life science companies to foster productive and long-term relationships with their key opinion leaders, including physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, payers, and patients.