The Heart of the Matter 8: Trends With Benefits

The Heart of the Matter 8: Trends With Benefits

The Heart of the Matter 8: Trends With Benefits

Two decades ago, working in a healthcare communications agency might have been regarded as a stepping stone to a career in mainstream pharma. But times have changed.

As the industry’s reliance on outsourced services has grown, so too has the recognition that a good agency can offer alternative, but equally stimulating, benefits to working in-house at a pharmaceutical company.

With the best agencies providing robust pathways for career development and genuine opportunities for personal growth, an agency role is no longer just a gateway into pharma. In fact increasingly, the traffic is coming the other way. It’s a growing trend – and for those that make the journey, it has real benefits.

Whether you work for a drug company or a communications agency, a career in healthcare is both motivational and rewarding. What’s more, as outsourcing has become de rigueur, the dynamics of agency/pharma relations have evolved from being ‘master and servant’ to ones built around collaboration and partnership.
The goal is the same on both sides; to develop innovative treatment strategies that deliver real-world benefits to patients. It’s a great industry.

But the specific benefits of working agency-side are numerous – and may surprise many who have not previously considered making the move.

McCann Complete Medical is a unique group of expert agencies providing insight-led, evidence-driven strategy and communication, for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related sectors. We deliver world-class solutions in medical communications, regulatory support, strategic consultancy and multichannel excellence.

Being part of McCann Health and the wider network gives us access to a broad range of specialist expertise and a worldwide network of local offices.

With clients ranging from large multinational pharmaceutical companies to smaller biotechnology companies we work on cutting-edge medicines in a variety of therapy areas to make a real difference to patients’ lives.

Our people have clever and curious minds, and courageous and committed hearts; we work together to achieve shared goals and delight our clients. We are incredibly proud of our people, providing an environment that is thriving and challenging, flexible and inclusive; building a company culture where opportunities and success abounds. They choose McCann Complete Medical to make a difference to their careers, our clients’ business and to patients.

White Paper: The Heart of the Matter 8: Trends With Benefits