Building emotional connections is what we do at LevLane. Our unique model allows us to crack the code on linking your brand and all of its constituents. We apply expert thinking across the industry ecosystem for unique, ROI-focused solutions. We’re brand connectors. We work best when we work holistically and agnostically. We like to say we bring a different perspective using the formula of Structure + Philosophy + Capabilities.

We have been around for over 37 years, building long-term client relationships based on trust and measured outcomes—two metrics we are deeply proud of. Our life sciences team consists of an array of talent with very specialized expertise—folks with a mix of consumer, patient, healthcare professional, payer, pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device experience. Our unique and nimble structure offers our clients a full brain trust of specialized folks. The result is a unique perspective and the ability to build relationships among your key target audiences. And so we ask the question, who loves ya?

The Wanamaker Building
100 Penn Square East, Suite 1101 N.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Year Founded: 1984

Number of Employee: 75

Parent Company: Independent

New Business Contact:
Timmy Garde
Chief Innovation Leader

Timmy Garde, Chief Innovation Leader

“We ask our clients the burning question, ‘who loves ya?,’ because building a loyal customer base is not about who’s aware of your brand, but who believes in it. It’s about seeking an emotional attachment and choosing to make it part of your life.”