Health Monitor Network

Health Monitor Network® (HM) is the leading direct-to-patient/patient engagement company whose mission for over 36 years has been to facilitate an effective dialogue between patients and their healthcare professionals.

HM’s expansive marketing platform of digital and print products is distributed through an intricate network comprising 200,000+ medical offices (representing more than 400,000 healthcare professionals) reaching tens of millions of condition sufferers across the United States.

The company has deep experience in supporting everything from small and emerging pharma, biotech, and rare/orphan diseases to large market conditions. Our efficient targeting of patients and HCPs alike, consistently delivers double-digit ROI to its clients, not only creating lift in New-to-Brand Patients, but also having a very positive impact on persistency and patients continuing to take their medication.

HM’s award-winning patient education content is further verified through its longstanding partnerships and alliances with more than 50 medical associations, societies, and patient advocacy organizations.

Health Monitor Network
11 Philips Parkway
Montvale, NJ 07645
(800) 422-4112

Year Founded: 1983

Number of Employees: 150+

Parent Company: Data Centrum Communications

New Business Contacts:
Augie Caruso
Vice President, Sales
(201) 649-0989

Larry Walsh
Vice President, Sales
(201) 799-2069

Ken Freirich, Chief Executive Officer

“Health Monitor’s 37-year track record is a testament to the strong partnerships we’ve developed and nurtured with all of our clients. During challenging times, our clients can have comfort that Health Monitor has a great history of delivering strong results for them.”