ELITE Digital Crusader Trish Nettleship of UCB, Inc.

Trish Nettleship

Director, Social Media & Influence

UCB, Inc.




Driving Digital Innovation

From the moment she walked through UCB’s doors, Trish Nettleship made her impact felt. She joined the company in 2012 with no previous experience in the pharmaceutical industry—but she didn’t let that slow her down. She quickly grasped the clear and underlying challenges of operating in this industry via digital channels. Then she made it her mission to advocate for the tremendous potential of digital to produce transformative programs and deliver on patient value.

Recognizing that there would be obstacles, Trish spent a large portion of her early tenure at UCB surmounting them. She did this through educating marketers on the power, reach, uses and implications of digital essential to evolve truly effective social media and digital programs. Most importantly, this approach allowed Trish to drive innovation through digital at UCB.

To date, Trish has educated, launched, led and advocated for various digital programs within UCB. She built the foundation for UCB with policies, governance and digital champions to enable digital initiatives to move from concept to fruition. Trish led a cross-functional team comprised of legal, regulatory, compliance and medical affairs colleagues to establish a framework for real-time responses, real-time marketing and proactive customer support through social media.

By defining focused goals for digital programs that help drive business and deliver measurable impact, Trish also streamlined operations. She has helped instill social and digital into UCB’s DNA—establishing an internal Digital Steering Committee to review all digital programs and empower digital initiatives to drive engagement. Under her leadership, UCB was recognized among the top 10 pharma companies in social media by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.

Working with numerous cross-functional teams, Trish led the company’s social listening initiatives, which gleaned the insights needed to create programs that provide the services that patients actually want. In doing so, she has redefined the reputation of her company for the better.

The bottom line: Trish pushes every team within the organization to consider how digital programs can further develop their current initiatives, deliver additional value and impact the quality of life for patients.


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