Moving Forward

The good news: The FDA has finally promised to release guidelines on social media. The bad news: They are not due until July 2014. The truly great news: Marketers are done sitting on their hands waiting. Yes, there are a few who will continue to stay out of the social landscape until it is more clearly defined, but that group is quickly becoming the minority.


The reason why people can no longer wait: Technology moves too fast for the FDA to keep up. Imagine how different things will be in 2014. Just look at how the digital landscape has evolved over the last few months. Social is now all about SoLoMo. Tweets are making way for keeks. And people are gearing up to wear glasses to augment their whole reality. Lucky for you, we asked a panel of experts what to expect in 2013 (page 18). The FDA on the other hand better find itself either a precog or one special crystal ball to see the state of digital in 2014. In other words, the people who wait for certainty are only going to fall further behind. The digital world is constantly moving forward and marketers have to do their best to keep up before the future turns into the past.


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