Diet Doc Reports Being Overweight A, Little Known, But Leading Cause of Infertility

LOS ANGELES, April 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Weight management is an extremely valuable tool in optimizing, not only health, but also fertility. Reports indicate that 43% of obese or overweight women may have more difficulty conceiving a child than women of a normal weight. This may be due to the fact that fat, that has stored itself in the cells and tissues of the body, cause sex steroid hormones, that affect ovulation in women and sperm production in men, to become imbalanced.

Many couples, anxious and unable to become pregnant, seek help from fertility experts and undergo extensive, expensive and tedious fertility testing only to learn that the doctor can find nothing preventing conception. Many are diagnosed with anxiety and are told that they may be trying too hard. But, because these physicians are trained in fertility and not nutrition, many overlook excess fat as the cause of infertility. At Diet Doc, their doctors are trained weight loss experts who understand how and why the body processes foods and the multitude of problems that carrying excess weight can trigger, including infertility. They understand that excess body fat is a key element in reproductive health and they design programs to help their patients balance hormones by losing excess body fat.

And, for those who are fortunate enough to conceive, complications and risk factors rise with each excess pound of fat. Being pregnant and overweight significantly increases the risk for gestational diabetes, toxemia, Cesarean section delivery, pre-eclampsia, overdue births, longer labors and more blood loss during delivery.

Because they are a medical weight loss program, Diet Doc’s doctors, nurses and nutritionists first work together to determine underlying factors that may be causing weight gain and preventing weight loss. By identifying the real cause of uncontrolled weight, they are better able to create diet plans that are specific to, and address, those causes.

New patients can easily and effortlessly call 888-934-4451 to speak to a Diet Doc fast weight loss expert and schedule a personal, online doctor consultation. The entire system is reviewed and assessed during the consultation to identify cellular toxicity, imbalanced hormones or sluggish organs. Each patients receives a full written doctor report outlining conclusions of the examination and recommendations for the safest and fastest weight loss strategy, which may include the company’s pure, prescription hormone diet treatments, exclusive diet pills and proprietary and powerful fat burners and fat blockers that work flawlessly with the meal plans to keep the body operating like a well-oiled machine while burning excess fat at an incredible rate.

Next, using their own algorithm, certified nutritionists work with each patient to tailor meal and snack plans that are compatible with the patient’s personal needs. Diet plans are designed for those of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes. Patients report that the meal and snack plans are appealing and appetizing, while the generation of fast weight loss is motivational. Patients throughout the country report the loss of pounds and inches quickly and noticeably without hunger, fatigue, cravings or dieting headaches.

Everyone knows that carrying excess body fat is linked to an increased risk for countless health conditions, but not everyone understands that being overweight can also be a leading cause of infertility. The good news is that Diet Doc can help women, and men alike, lose unhealthy and dangerous excess fat. They help their patients regain lost health and restore their figure and they help those who are struggling with infertility due to excess weight, achieve parenthood. And, because studies reveal that 70% of women who are infertile due to obesity will achieve a normal pregnancy following weight reduction, more and more people are turning to the fast weight loss experts at Diet Doc.

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