Diet Doc Helps Patients Choose the Best Diet by Including Nutritional Education that Clarifies the Difference Between Good and Bad Fat

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diet Doc is committed to helping their patients safely, comfortably and quickly lose dangerous and embarrassing excess fat. They offer complete diet plans that include personalized service and attention that also includes unlimited access to their staff of highly trained and specially educated fast weight loss experts who are available to answer questions, offer suggestions and to lend their professional support and guidance throughout. Diet Doc patients are better able to stick to their fast weight loss goals because their staff of doctors, nurses and certified nutritionists work in collaboration to design the best diet plans that include meal and snack plans that leave dieters feeling full and satisfied without feeling deprived combined with pure, prescription diet products that take the edge off by staving off hunger, controlling food cravings and eliminating loss of energy during dieting. In addition, the company helps their patients break bad eating behaviors by teaching them how and why the body responds to various food combinations, including the effects that fat has on the system and the difference between good and bad fat.

While most doctors and nutritional experts lecture that a low-fat diet is the key to losing weight, managing cholesterol and preventing health problems, some fat is actually good. But, because all fat seems to look the same, distinguishing the difference between good and bad fat can be challenging. Simply strolling the supermarket in search of items that advertise "No fat" or "Low fat" is not the answer. Most consumers do not understand that the type of fat consumed is far more important than the amount of fat consumed. And because the body requires a certain amount of fat to function properly, the answer is not to eliminate all fats, but to learn the difference between good and bad fats.

The human body needs fat for energy, however, overindulging causes excess calories and fat to be stored in special fat cells called adipose tissue. Consistently overeating causes these fat stores to dangerously accumulate around the vital internal organs. This fat is the most dangerous, as well as the most difficult to lose. Good fat plays a variety of important roles, including protecting nerve cells, promoting healthy skin and tissue, transporting vitamins through the bloodstream and forming steroid hormones to regulate processes within the body. Good fats can be found primarily in fish and plant sources and include polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 which play a key role in mood management, mental clarity and acuity, fatigue and weight control. They are protected with antioxidant vitamins for added heart protection and overall good health.

Bad fat, however, can wreak havoc on the body, both internally and externally. The most dangerous are Trans Fats and Saturated Fats which are created artificially through hydrogenation. Artificial Trans fats are most often found in fast foods, fried foods and commercially baked products and are associated with weight gain, clogged arteries and disease. Saturated fats are fat molecules that are solid at room temperature, are high in calories and increases LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in the blood, also increasing the risk for heart disease and stroke.

Because Diet Doc understands that most people do not have a medical or nutritional background, they developed the best diet plans available that help people lose weight by uniquely and strategically tailoring diet plans around each patient's age, gender, activity level, medical conditions and nutritional needs. They easily teach their patients how to know the difference between good and bad fat and how to begin choosing foods that nourish the body and keep it operating at optimal capacity without accumulating excess weight. Each diet plan is unique and is designed to help those who have struggled to lose that final 10-20 pounds to those who must lose 100 pounds or more.

Diet Doc is more than a weight loss company. They have earned national respect and recognition by helping over 97% of their patients safely lose 20 or more pounds per month. They offer the best diet plans, each including doctor supervision throughout, weekly progress monitoring, pure, prescription diet products that are manufactured in fully licensed, FDA approved, U.S. based pharmacies, and the personal attention, guidance and support of their highly trained staff.

Those who are ready to finally improve their health and enjoy their life free of dangerous and embarrassing excess fat are encouraged to call 888-934-4451 or visit to complete an initial health questionnaire and schedule a personal, online, no-cost consultation to learn the reasons why Diet Doc offers the best diets available on today's market.

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