Deinove : The AGIR project carried out by the DEINOVE group is granted €14.6 m

  Press release

  12 September 2017

The AGIR project carried out by the DEINOVE group is granted €14.6 million by the ‘Investments for the Future’ Program (IFP) operated by Bpifrance to develop new antibiotics.

  • The AGIR project (Antibiotics against Resistant Infectious Germs), carried out by the DEINOVE group and the Charles Viollette Institute, aims to identify novel antibiotic structures from rare bacterial strains by developing new collection, culture, screening, optimization, and evaluation methods.
  • The ‘Investments for the Future’ Program supports the AGIR project by financing €14.6 million over five years.
  • This support demonstrates the French government’s commitment to fighting resistance to antibiotics, which is a major health issue on a global scale.


Montpellier, 12 September 2017 (6pm CEST) – DEINOVE (Alternext Paris: ALDEI), a biotech company that discovers, develops, and produces high-value compounds from rare bacteria, notably from the Deinococcus genus, announces that its AGIR project, carried out jointly with its subsidiary DEINOBIOTICS and the Charles Viollette Institute (ICV, Lille University 1), was selected by the ‘Investments for the Future’ Program, led by the General Investment Commission (CGI) and operated by Bpifrance, within the framework of the call for projects “Structural R&D Projects for Competitiveness”.

As such, the AGIR project will be financed to a level of €14.6 million, for a total budget estimated at €25 million. Grants making up almost half of the funding will be spread over the five-year program duration. The DEINOVE Group will receive €10.4 million while the Charles Viollette Institute will receive €4.2 million.

Aïcha DOUHOU, Life Sciences sector Manager at BPIFrance Innovation, commented: “We are very pleased to support DEINOVE in its innovative approach around the discovery of new antibiotics. This should accelerate the development of solutions to address infectious diseases that are developing more and more rapidly at a global level.”

Emmanuel PETIOT, CEO of DEINOVE added: “Our approach is totally original in the world of pharmacy because it combines the molecular biology expertise of DEINOVE with the experience in medicinal chemistry and enzymatic engineering of the DEINOBIOTICS teams and of the CHARLES VIOLLETTE INSTITUTE (CVI). This funding will accelerate the growth of our platform, enrich our portfolio of molecules and thus contribute to the development of treatments responding to the medical emergency. The support of the ‘Investments for the Future’ Program marks both the recognition of our innovative technological approach and the commitment of public authorities to the discovery of new antibiotics that will help stop the phenomena of microbial resistance.”

Pascal DHULSTER, Director of the CVI and Dominique Le Beller, CEO of DEINOBIOTICS, added: “We have built this platform step by step with the expertise of our teams in infectiology, medicinal chemistry, microbiology, fermentation, and analytical engineering. The synergies between the three partners, the complementarity and the creativity of our teams are essential assets for the success of the AGIR project. With this funding, we aim to be at the forefront of the world in the discovery and development of new antibiotic structures.”

Bpifrance is the managing operator for research and development projects structuring competitiveness under the ‘Investments for the Future’ Program led by the General Investment Commission. The goal of these projects is to frame and organize industry sectors or to generate new ones. They aim to strengthen the positions of French businesses in key markets by providing funding for ambitious programs. More broadly they aim to enhance the economic standing of a network of enterprises, by building or consolidating sustainable collaborative relationships between manufacturing, service industries and research organizations

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About the AGIR project

Antimicrobial resistance and challenges for the discovery of new antimicrobials

The World Health Organization (WHO) has placed the fight against antimicrobial resistance as a global priority. The huge increase in resistant and multiresistant bacteria could cause 10 million deaths each year by 2050, more than cancer today (8 million deaths per year). In February 2017, WHO published the list of 12 families of bacteria most threatening to human health.
No innovative antibiotics have been on the market since 2010, and only three in the previous five years. While bacteria are among the most successful antibiotic producers in the world, research so far has concentrated on a small panel of microorganisms, significantly limiting opportunities to discover new antibiotic structures that are effective against resistant bacteria.

The AGIR collaborative project to accelerate the discovery of new antimicrobials

The AGIR project, carried out by the DEINOVE Group together with the CHARLES VIOLLETTE INSTITUTE (CVI), aims to implement an innovative strategy for the discovery of new antimicrobials – antibiotics and antifungal agents  – through an integrated and automated approach.

DEINOBIOTICS has been collaborating with CVI for several years to analyze the strains of DEINOVE and to discover new antimicrobials. A first lead, DNB101, has been the subject of patent applications for its original antibiotic structure. Other molecules are currently being studied.
Based on their experience, the partners have launched a new program called AGIR (Antibiotics against Resistant Germs) whose objective is to develop new technologies to optimize the platform for selecting, identifying, and developing new antimicrobial molecules of natural origin. AGIR comprises two complementary components:

– Accelerate the growth of the discovery platform: The partners’ combined expertise covers the whole value chain: feeding the strain bank in a targeted way, adjusting the culture conditions to induce the production of antibiotics, screening at the end of the antimicrobial activities present in a sample, isolating and identifying the molecules of interest;

– Integrate complementary lead optimization technologies and develop fermentative processes: The unique triptych – genetic engineering, enzymology, and medicinal chemistry – will allow partners to optimize the expression of microorganisms and obtain molecules with optimal performance.

The AGIR project represents a total investment of € 25 million over five years.

DEINOVE (Euronext Growth Paris: ALDEI) is a biotech company that discovers, develops and produces compounds with industrial value from rare microorganisms, for the healthcare, nutrition and cosmetics markets.

For this, DEINOVE relies on two key assets:
· A unique strain bank with 6,000 rare bacteria that have not yet been exploited, mainly of the
                Deinococcus genus;
· A genetic, metabolic and fermentation engineering platform that enables them to customize these
                natural micro-factories, transforming them into new industry standards.

DEINOVE and its fully-owned DEINOBIOTICS subsidiary ambition to discover and develop novel antibiotics to answer the global health challenge of antimicrobial résistance.
Based in Montpellier, DEINOVE employs approximately 55 employees and has issued more than160 international patent applications. The Company has been listed on Euronext Growth since April 2010.


Find out about the program ‘Investing for the Future’

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