Daktari and SystemOne Announce Partnership to Bring Connected Diagnostics to Developing World

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., SPRINGFIELD, Mass., and CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Dec. 04, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Daktari Diagnostics, a company focused on making “Anywhere. Care.™” a reality with its portable and ultrasensitive immunoassay-based CarePlatform™, and SystemOne, a company focused on connecting diagnostics and providing connected diagnostics software platforms for the developing world, today announced the companies have entered into a development and license agreement to integrate Daktari’s technology platform with SystemOne's connectivity platform, Aspect™.

This collaboration aims to improve the value of diagnostics by linking clinically relevant test results and operational data from Daktari’s point-of-care (POC) diagnostics to Daktari’s device users via secure mobile networks and simple-to-use interfaces, including SMS, email, and an online dashboard.  As many customers in Daktari’s target markets are lacking access to streamlined electronic medical records, SystemOne’s Aspect™ enables healthcare practitioners to provide real-time, complete disease surveillance and monitoring capabilities and provide assistance to global health officials evaluating the impact of their efforts on public health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified the development and implementation of common standards for POC diagnostic connectivity platforms, especially those for infectious diseases, for local health care centers in lower- and middle-income countries (LMICs) as a global health priority1. In LMICs where electronic medical record systems are still evolving, there remains a need to align POC diagnostics with health information technology in a standardized way in order to provide more effective and comprehensive patient management.

“Diagnostic results are only meaningful if they drive timely clinical action,” said Donald B. Hawthorne, President and Chief Executive Officer of Daktari. “Our collaboration with SystemOne, a trusted market leader with experience connecting diagnostics to data services and streamlined decision-support systems in more than 30 countries, will improve access to clinically relevant diagnostic data via a globally standardized connectivity solution for the clinicians, laboratories and public health organizations that make global patient care possible. In addition, Daktari receives the added benefit of receiving real-time operational data about the device and cartridge inventory to enhance service to end users and drive continuous improvement.”

“Daktari has been highly supportive as we develop and plan to scale-up Aspect, the next generation of our connectivity solution for managing TB, HIV, Hepatitis C and other diseases in lower- and middle-income countries,” said Chris Macek, Chief Executive Officer of SystemOne. “Our work together enables us to fully integrate Aspect with these devices prior to their distribution, ensuring a seamless, standards-compliant, plug-and-play solution for our shared customers. We look forward to working with Daktari to provide the global health community with important information quickly and ubiquitously.”

A prototype version of the Aspect™ connectivity system is expected in the first quarter of 2017. Daktari’s Hepatitis C Virus Core Antigen (HCV-cAg) test and HIV Viral Load test will be the first in a series of immunoassay products in development to support this collaboration.

About SystemOne
Founded in 2012, SystemOne focuses on producing game-changing data-based solutions for connected diagnostic devices.  SystemOne’s products, GxAlert™ (Tuberculosis) and Aspect™ (Multi-disease), are medical device connectivity software that collect and share data to:

  • Reduce patient time-to-treatment by immediately transmitting disease results to clinicians and patients,
  • Save millions of dollars in supply chain waste—experienced as stockouts or overstock/expiring consumables—by monitoring and improving instrument utilization and right-sizing consumable purchases, and
  • Provide real-time disease-surveillance monitoring across instruments, across diseases, and across countries.

The company’s new connectivity software, Aspect™, addresses additional infectious diseases, including Ebola, HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis C and more on a host of diagnostic devices from Abbott, Alere, Becton Dickinson, Cepheid, Daktari, Humastar, Sysmex, Roche and others. For more information, visit www.systemone.id or email info@systemone.id.

About Daktari Diagnostics
Daktari Diagnostics, a privately held company based in Cambridge, Mass., is focused on developing ultrasensitive, point-of-care diagnostics that enable timely testing and access to healthcare so that patients around the world can be linked to appropriate care. Daktari’s immunoassay CarePlatform™ encompasses a proprietary ultrasensitive diagnostic detection technology, a highly portable device, automated sample preparation with whole blood in a single-use disposable cartridge, and a wireless, cloud-based connectivity platform to allow seamless data management for enhanced clinical care. Daktari is initially developing three diagnostic products based on the CarePlatform™: a High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin (hs-cTnl) cardiac distress screening test, a Hepatitis C Virus Core Antigen (HCV-cAg) confirmatory test being developed in collaboration with Merck, and an HIV Viral Load monitoring test. For more information, visit www.daktaridx.com.

  1. Global Consultation on Diagnostics Interoperability Standards. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2015 (http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/181059/1/9789241509305_eng.pdf)
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