What’s not to love about the latest technology and the hottest trendy products? Our Cutting Edge section keeps you on the vanguard of electronic wizardry with our featured gallery of gadgets that are newly launched or coming soon to a store or website near you.


If you like to look at the world from multiple perspectives, then the Olympus PEN E-PL3 ($700) may be the perfect camera for you. This 12.3-megapixel camera features a 3-inch LCD screen that can tilt up or down (from 80 degrees to 45 degrees), so that you can capture moments from any angle. Look down at a group of graduates preparing to toss their caps or look up at a child as he or she takes that first step. Even novice photographers can capture great images thanks to iAuto, which identifies the type of scene you are shooting and adjusts the settings for the best results.


The BlackBerry Torch 9810, available soon from AT&T, gives BlackBerry enthusiasts the best of both worlds by combining the large touch-display of the original Torch with the legendary BlackBerry keyboard. You can quickly type responses on the 3.2-inch display’s virtual keyboard or slide out the QWERTY keyboard to efficiently type longer messages. The Torch 9810 also has the latest BlackBerry 7 OS, which includes augmented reality capabilities and voice-activated search for files, email, contacts, music, and more. The price was not available at press time.


Sifteo Cubes ($149) condense all of the enjoyment (and brainpower building) of playing chess, solving tangrams, or completing the Sunday crossword into three tiny, interactive cubes. The cubes offer games that encourage the development and use of various thinking skills, including strategy and planning, creativity and design, logic and computation as well as language and literacy. There are challenges for all ages, so you can invite your friends over for some intellectually stimulating tabletop games or trick your kids into learning as they play—you can even create your own games. The cubes connect wirelessly to a computer via a USB dongle.


The Dell Latitude XT3 ($1,789 and up) is designed for professionals with jobs that constantly keep them on the go and need a computer that can be both powerful and portable (beyond just travel-friendly). Dell’s latest tablet PC packs your choice of Intel Core processors (i3, i5, or i7) and has a 13.3-inch HD multi-touch display. To convert your laptop into a tablet and work on the go—simply twist the screen down and over the keyboard. The Latitude XT3 also offers security with Dell data protection, which can encrypt data and guard against unauthorized access.


Keep track of your pulse, calories burned, distance/ speed, and the overall progress of your workouts with the Scosche myTREK Wireless Pulse Monitor ($130). The myTREK easily attaches to your forearm and doesn’t require any wires or bulky chest straps. The device also wirelessly connects to your iPhone or iPod Touch, and via the myTREK app you can assess the intensity of each workout and keep track of your progress. The myTREK also lets you control the music on your iPhone or iPod Touch and provides motivational voice prompts to get you through each workout.


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