What’s not to love about the latest technology and the hottest trendy products? Our Cutting Edge section keeps you on the vanguard of electronic wizardry with our featured gallery of gadgets that are newly launched or coming soon to a store or website near you.


Fujifilm’s X-Pro1 ($1,700) interchangeable lens camera features a new CMOS sensor called the X-Trans CMOS, which utilizes a new color filter array that minimizes the generation of false colors and produces higher color reproduction. The camera’s Hybrid Viewfinder gives shutterbugs a range of options. The Optical Viewfinder keeps shutter lag to a minimum and provides the brightest viewing image while the Electronic Viewfinder provides a “live view” of the image you are taking along with info about exposure, white balance, and depth of field indicators.


Anyone who constantly speeds to get to work (or if you are just a heavy-footed, always on-the-road sales rep), Escort is providing you with a little protection. The Escort SmartRadar ($450) is an out-of-sight radar/laser detector that can be mounted behind your rearview mirror. The display controller attaches to the front of the mirror, so you can see surrounding signal strength and get alerts about potential threats of nearby enforcement guns. The Bluetooth-enabled device can also connect to the Escort Live ticket protection network available via smartphone app.


The original Jawbone Jambox provided a big sound in a little package, so imagine the voluminous spaces you can fill with volume using the Jawbone Big Jambox ($300). As with the original, the speaker can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth device to play music, movies, and games. The Big Jambox also has its business benefits as a speakerphone with a built-in microphone that lets you chat using Skype, Google Talk, and Face Time.



Sony’s SmartWatch ($150) continues the trend of new devices designed to bring your smartphone notifications to your wrist. The SmartWatch connects to your Sony smartphone (and other select Android smartphones) to display your emails, text messages, caller ID, and Facebook and Twitter updates. You can also control your music through the watch as well as download other useful apps from Google Play.


New levels of “smart” are reached by the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. These smarter features include the phone recognizing if you are still looking at it through its camera and maintaining a bright display as well as if you have not touched it in a while and vibrating as soon as you pick it up if there are missed calls or text messages. The phone will also instantly call the person you are text messaging if you simply lift it to your ear. Additionally, the S Voice feature allows you to give verbal commands, such as telling the alarm to shut off. The price was not available at press time.


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